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Snow buddies

During severe snow and ice we want to make sure you can stay safe and well.

You can also help by being a 'snow buddy' during winter months – checking on elderly and disabled neighbours and relatives to make sure they're OK with enough heat and food.

We'll do all we can to maintain essential services such as home help and delivering meals for older and vulnerable people who usually receive our catering service.

We'll be working around the clock together with other organisations and voluntary groups to make sure help reaches the people who need it the most.

But you can help by following some simple safety advice.

Tips include:

  • maintaining portable gas heaters and checking electric fires are fitted with the right fuse and do not have frayed or damaged cables
  • ensuring central heating boilers are serviced regularly
  • making sure your chimney is swept regularly if you have an open fire
  • ensuring paraffin heaters are thoroughly cleaned and the wick checked and trimmed
  • making sure portable heaters have a safety guard and not placing them near furniture, beds or curtains
  • having electric blankets serviced at least every 3 years
  • stock up on any medication you may need

The Department of Health has issued advice aimed at older people:

  • keep warm at all times - wear clothing in layers and keep moving if possible
  • keep rooms, including the bedroom, warm and close windows - if your house is cold, body temperature will drop and catching a cold is more likely
  • warm the bedroom and bed before turning in for the night - your bedroom should be kept above 18°C overnight
  • if you're eligible for a flu jab make sure you have it
  • if you're over 60, money is available for winter fuel bills and you may receive payments if the weather gets very cold
  • keep an eye out for bogus officials who may call door-to-door without an appointment claiming to be from heating supply or other companies checking for problems caused by the cold weather - always check the identity of callers to your home and if in doubt call the police

Age UK has more information about how to help keep safe and warm this winter.

If you're concerned about an older person or a vulnerable adult Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.