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How to make a pre-planning enquiry

We ask that you put your request in writing and that you include any plans and drawings that adequately describe your proposal, together with any other relevant planning information you have gathered.

This will enable the most appropriate officer to be selected to handle the matter.

To help you in preparing a sufficient enquiry you should:

  • fully investigate the planning history of the site
  • familiarise yourself with the development plan policy and highway standards that might apply to your proposal
  • visit the site and make a detailed analysis to establish site characteristics
  • provide accurate site surveys and plans - these will be required if a planning application is to be submitted, therefore these survey plans are likely to be useful in the process of designing a scheme too

Information required for a pre-planning enquiry

For a pre-planning enquiry to be considered, the following information is likely to be required:

  • a site location plan including the adjacent road network at either 1:1250 or 1:2500 scale with the individual site the subject of the enquiry outlined in red and any other additional land owned by the applicant in blue
  • a block plan layout at 1:500 scale or larger indicating clearly the location of existing and proposed buildings, drives, parking areas and access to the highway, including dimensioned visibility splays where a new access or an intensification of the existing access is likely
  • the proposed floor areas and likely use of the rooms or areas
  • spot levels where gradients may be greater than one in 10 along existing or proposed roads or drives or in parking areas
  • demonstrate all parking and manoeuvring areas which should, where possible, include turning space to enable vehicles to enter and leave the premises in a forward gear
  • clearly demonstrate how all of the main safety issues previously listed will be addressed
  • a transport statement may be required where the development is likely to substantially increase the volume of traffic either using an existing or proposed access

What we will do

Based on the information you have provided, highway officers will provide accurate and objective advice in good faith but without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application by either officers or members of the council.

Any advice given will normally be confirmed in writing. For more details please contact highways development control, email:

A travel plan may be required if the development is likely to substantially increase the volume of traffic on the neighbouring highway system, especially where the function of that system could be compromised.

For more details about travel plans email: