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Brough retaining wall repairs

Information about the Brough retaining wall repairs, which started on Monday 17 June 2024 for up to 3 months, to repair last year's extensive storm damage.

We recognise there is a great deal of interest in the repairs. The closure of the B6049 Stretfield Road will have an impact on many residents and we've been working hard to reduce inconvenience for the local community.

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Brough works update Thursday 18 July 2024

Full details about the arrangements made by Severn Trent Water to maintain access to public transport services during their Grindleford utility roadworks are now available.

The images show the kinds of work we have been doing.

1 / 12
The collapsed retaining wall at Brough
2 / 12
The temporary repairs at the Brough retaining wall
3 / 12
The flume piping in place in the bed of the brook
4 / 12
Water from the diverted brook emerging from the bypass flume
5 / 12
Some of the piping delivered to carry the water from the brook
6 / 12
Removal of the retaining wall stone parapet to the level of the road surface
7 / 12
Three metres of the old, collapsed retaining wall have been removed
8 / 12
New concrete foundations and wall at Brough ready for facing with the old stonework
9 / 12
The first rebuilt and strengthened section of the retaining-wall
10 / 12
A further 6 metre stretch of the rebuilt retaining wall
11 / 12
Aerial view of the Brough retaining wall site showing the reconstruction of the retaining wall
12 / 12
The rebuilt section of the retaining wall from the road


In late November 2023, following heavy rainfall, a 7 metre section of the Brough retaining wall collapsed.

The retaining wall supports the B6049 Stretfield Road through the village, which runs alongside the Bradwell Brook.

Stretfield Road is the main route between the A6187 Hope Road and the A623 in the south.

Temporary emergency repairs were carried out just before Christmas 2023 to shore up the retaining wall, remove loose stone and debris from the road and river. To prevent any further subsidence and damage, special construction bags were filled with concrete and placed where the wall had collapsed.

The emergency repairs also included reducing Stretfield Road to one lane, controlled by temporary lights, to reduce the risk of any further damage to the retaining wall from passing traffic.

The repairs

On Monday 17 June 2024, a major 12-week project will begin to rebuild the retaining wall.

The repairs include rebuilding 23 metres of the wall to strengthen it to reduce the risk of a future collapse.

Concrete will be used to reinforce the existing wall, which will be covered with the original stone recovered from the brook, to maintain the wall's natural appearance, in keeping with the local environment.

During the repairs, Stretfield Road will be closed to traffic in both directions as the road is very narrow where the wall has collapsed.

Pedestrian and cycle access will be available from 4:30pm until 8am. This arrangement will be in place 7 days a week.

To complete the repairs as quickly as possible, we aim to carry out the repairs 7 days a week, with extended hours subject to dry weather conditions.

Once the repairs have been completed, the road will reopen to 2-way traffic, removing the existing temporary traffic signals and lane restriction.

Find out more about the closure of Stretfield Road on One Network.

Flexible travel options

The Hope Valley moving together offers a range of travel solutions for people affected by the Brough retaining wall repairs.

These include:

  • lift share
  • car club vehicle rental
  • car share
  • cycling
  • electric vehicle charge points

Complex, time consuming works

The repairs are a time consuming and complex job, working with the weather and the potential dangers of a damaged stone wall. Each stone must be removed by hand, cleaned and stored. Ecological requirements mean the work must be undertaken sensitively to avoid damaging the river bed.

All work must be done with one eye on the weather, in case of rain and flooding, and potential dangers for our workforce. A contingency period has been built into the timescale for the works, to allow for unseasonable weather conditions, but we will be working as quickly as we can to reopen the road.

The diversion route

As the road will be closed during the repairs to all traffic, a signed diversion route will be in place, using local A roads. This will provide a safe route for the HGVs which use Stretfield Road to serve local businesses.

The diversion route, shown on the map, will be Stretfield Road, B6049, A623 From Mires Lane To Long Lane, Middleton Dale, Grindleford Road, Froggatt Road, Froggatt Edge, A625 From Froggatt Edge To District Boundary, Owler Bar Road, Hathersage Road, Sheffield Road, Hope Road.

We apologise for any delays or inconvenience for local people.

Map showing diversion route for closed section of B6049 Stretfield Road


  • closure - road closed to all traffic, with limited pedestrian and cycle access from 4:30pm until 8am
  • soft closure - road closed except for access to residential and business premises
  • diversion - the diversion route for all traffic

Eccles Lane

Eccles Lane will remain open throughout the wall repairs, providing a useful local link from Bradwell to Hope and the main A6187.

The lane is narrow and additional signing will be put in place by us to remind HGV users that it is unsuitable for large vehicles and 'Slow down' signs will also be installed.

Our highways team have made some repairs to the road surface and passing places along Eccles Lane.

We intend to monitor how much traffic uses the lane and will take further action if necessary.

Bus services

See information about changes to local bus services while the road is closed, including timetables for school buses from Bradwell, serving Hope Valley College and Lady Manners School at Bakewell.

Compensation for businesses during the road closure

The general rule is that there is no compensation if a business is affected by road works.

Successive governments have taken the view that businesses should not have the right in law to any particular given level of passing trade, and that traders must take the risk of loss due to temporary disruption of traffic flows along with all the other various risks of running a business.

There is no statutory provision for compensation by the highway authority if a business is affected by road works.

Further details are available in roads: compensation for loss of business from road works from the House of Commons Library.