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Bus services affected by the Brough retaining wall repairs

While the repairs are carried out on the retaining wall at Brough, a number of bus services, including school buses will be affected.

This information was last updated on 11 June 2024.

Local bus services

Timetables for the shuttle bus service are available in the document attached to this page. The timetable has been updated following minor changes by First South Yorkshire to their 272 service. The shuttle bus services timetable remains unchanged.

As the road will be closed, we will be providing a shuttle bus from the Batham Gate bus stop in Bradwell to Castleton Bus Station. This will connect passengers to the 173 and 272 services, for onward journeys to Hope, Bamford and the Sheffield interchange. For the 257 service, passengers would need to go to Castleton and change on to Bamford.

The service will be provided by Hulleys and will be available Monday to Saturday, and then with an amended timetable on Sundays.

Timetables for the shuttle bus service are available in our timetable for shuttle service from Bradwell to Castleton Bus Station document attached to this page.

Timetables will also be available at the Batham Gate bus stops and the Bradwell Post Office from next week to inform passengers about the temporary arrangements.

We have also extended the operating hours of the shuttle bus service, with a service from Castleton at 8pm to return passengers to Bradwell at 8.30pm.

If you have any questions or queries, please email for any further information, using 'Brough roadworks' in the subject title.

School bus services

Every effort has been made to reduce disruption for school pupils, including undertaking the repairs from mid-June to minimise inconvenience.

Five school buses from Bradwell, serving Hope Valley College and Lady Manners School at Bakewell will be affected.

Travel times will be slightly longer for pupils attending Hope Valley College as the bus service will follow the signed diversion route along the A623 / A625.

Parents will receive an email confirming the temporary travel arrangements and schools will be able to share the information using their normal channels.

The revised school bus timetable for Hope Valley College follows.

Please note:

  • school bus journey times will be longer as the diversion route has to be suitable for larger vehicles
  • the Millstone service is a separate bus and does not follow the diversion, operating from Hathersage to Hope Valley College. This service is unaffected by the Brough road closure diversion route, as the service uses the A6187 Hope Road and will take 14 minutes

School bus services affected from Bradwell

Service 272 - Hope Valley College, operated by First. This service will follow the agreed diversion route with a single deck bus.

Service 100 - Lady Manners School, operated by Andrew's of Tideswell. This service starts in Bradwell and operates to school via Great Hucklow, Eyam and Calver. The service will access Bradwell as normal and turn around near the fire station. It will be able to follow its normal route and timetable to school so the road closure will not have any impact.

Revised school bus timetables

Bus arrivals at Hope Valley College:
Service number772 (272)772 (272)
The Millstone 8.24am -
Hathersage George Hotel 8.27am -
Bamford Station bus turnaround - -
Bradwell Park - 7.52am
Bradwell Memorial Hall - 7.54am
Hope car park 8.37am -
Hope Valley College 8.38am 8.39am


Bus departures at Hope Valley College:

Service number772 (272)72 (272)
Hope Valley College arrive 3.33pm 3.38pm
Hope Valley College depart 3.38pm 3.43pm
Hope Post Office 3.40pm 3.45pm
Bradwell Memorial Hall Post Office 4.25pm -
Bamford Station bus turnaround - 3.54pm
Hathersage Post Office - 3.58pm
Fox House Inn - 4.06pm
Ecclesall, Knowle Lane - 4.15pm

Services indirectly affected by the closure but not affecting residents of Bradwell

Service 048 - Hope Valley College, operated by Bentley's Coaches. This service operates from Grindleford, Calver, Foolow and Great Hucklow to school and normally operates through Bradwell. During the closure, it will be operated in reverse starting at Great Hucklow at 8.10am.

Service 257 - Hope Valley College, operated by Hulley's of Baslow. This service operates from Baslow, Calver, Stoney Middleton and Eyam via Bradwell to school. During the closure, it will divert via Winnats Pass and no timetable change is expected.

Private service, operated by Andrew's of Tideswell. This service is for Hope Valley pupils who live in Buxton, Peak Dale, Peak Forest, Tideswell and Litton. The service is arranged by the school and information will be provided to families affected.

The timings listed are subject to change. Full details will be shared with pupils and parents affected.

For any further information, please email