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Bridges and retaining walls

We maintain over 1,000 bridges on our road network plus countless footbridges on public Rights of Way (RoW) throughout the county. All work is completed efficiently and priced competitively.

Report a problem with a bridge or retaining wall


Many of these structures are in some of the most beautiful scenery in Britain, calling for design and materials which blend with the environment.

Other major bridge owners in the county are:

Other bridges may be boundary bridges (maintained by adjoining councils), privately owned bridges or jointly owned bridges.

Bridges are best identified by the name of the road they are located on and the obstruction (such as the River Derwent) they cross.

All bridges have been assessed to see if they are capable of carrying 40 tonne lorries that use the roads today.

Inspection and maintenance of these structures is important for all transport around Derbyshire. Priority for works on structures is based upon considerations of safety, weight restrictions, the hierarchy of the route, effects on local people and the effects of diverted traffic on the local environment, industry and the local economy.

Bridges are inspected as part of an ongoing programme. It is our aim to carry out general inspections on a 2-year cycle. General inspections are visual inspections only.

A more detailed inspection on primary structures known as a principal inspection are carried out every 6 years. This requires a close examination of all parts of a structure using access scaffolds, ladders or hoists.

Both types of inspection can instigate remedial works to structures, which are funded from our maintenance budget or can result in major maintenance works or sometimes rebuilding of a structure.

Funding for more major works is usually obtained from central government by means of the Local Transport Plan.

Highway retaining walls

In addition to our bridges we're also responsible for approximately 2,000km of retaining walls supporting the highway network in Derbyshire.

A data capture process is underway to identify these and who is responsible for them.

Ownership of such walls is sometimes unclear and each structure has to be checked individually.