The Virtual School

The Virtual School

Derbyshire's Virtual School was launched in September 2014 and aims to enhance the life opportunities for children in care by supporting their education and enabling them to achieve the best they can.

Our vision

To improve the lives of all the children and young people in our care through nurturing, empowering and inspiring them in partnership with all their supporters.

Our children and young people will become:

  • successful learners
  • responsible citizens
  • creative thinkers
  • reflective individuals.

With you we will

  • listen
  • support
  • train
  • create opportunities
  • challenge when needed.

And together we will ensure:

  • all children and young people in our care feel nurtured, valued and supported in their learning and will fulfil their aspirational goals and ambitions
  • children and young people shape the Virtual School and the wider services for all children in care
  • an improved sense of corporate parenting, social education and a shared responsibility for our children in care
  • every school and educational setting is empowered and confident to meet the needs of children and young people in our care and provide tailored support enabling progress and success
  • the educational gap between children and young people in care and those who are not will be closed.

What the Virtual School is doing

  • providing children in care with advice, guidance and support to enable each young person to reach their full potential
  • tracking and monitoring attendance, exclusions and progress
  • providing specific training for schools, designated teachers and carers
  • challenging schools and educational settings to raise attainment of children in care
  • providing educational advice and guidance to young people and their carers
  • recognising and celebrating achievement
  • providing advice and guidance on future pathways
  • encouraging the participation of our children and young people in out of school experiences to raise self esteem
  • ensuring all children in care receive their core mainstream offer of education, providing access to educational resources and offering support with studies
  • providing personalised support packages to young people, to support behaviour and social development
  • providing an allocated education support officer for every young person
  • working in partnership with others to support the educational needs of individual pupils
  • providing access to IT support, tuition or tailored services to promote achievement and success
  • working with schools to ensure Pupil Premium Plus is used effectively to narrow the gap.

Who we are

The Virtual School is an innovative team working alongside schools and settings to ensure they provide the best provision for children and young people in our care and care leavers.

All Derbyshire's cared for children, young people and care leavers belong to the Virtual School.

The Virtual School has a staffing structure similar to that of an actual school but without a school building.

Children and young people will remain enrolled at their existing school or setting with the Virtual School offering support, guidance and training, to ensure that educational services are effectively coordinated and that cared for children and young people get the best opportunities to reach their fullest potential.



Tel: 01629 538028

Write to:

Virtual School Team
Block B
Chatsworth Hall
Chesterfield Road

Kim Brooks, virtual headteacher
Tel: 01629 538097

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