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Switch to enrich

Ideas for swapping some foods to higher calorie alternatives.

Boost your energy and your health by eating more calories. Then, even if you only fancy a small amount of something, you'll be maximising your intake of energy and making every mouthful count.

Here are some ideas of switches you could make:

Table showing calories of some foods
SwapForCalories gained
Fat-free yoghurt Full-fat creamy yoghurt 69
Rich Tea biscuit Shortbread finger 60
Chocolate finger Chocolate digestive 55
1oz low-fat spread 1oz butter 100
1 pint skimmed milk 1 pint full-fat milk 175
Light crispbread x 1 Oatcake x 1 35
1oz steamed cod 1oz cod in batter 45
Bacon, 1 back rasher grilled Bacon, 1 back rasher fried 15
1oz extra lean minced beef 1oz minced beef 40
One apple One banana 35
Tea with milk Drinking chocolate made with a third of a pint of whole milk 110
1 oz cottage cheese 1 oz cheddar 94
1 oz swede, boiled 1 oz sweet potato, boiled 21
1 oz boiled potatoes 1 oz roast potatoes 22
1oz chicken thigh, no skin 1 oz chicken thigh, skin on 11