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Children and young people's health

We work hard to make sure that services are available to keep your children happy, healthy, safe and well.

From school health checks to vaccinations, active living to parenting support you can find out more about what is on offer.

You can also find out more about our commissioned 0 to 19 children's services, including breastfeeding, school nurses and pregnancy care from Derbyshire Community Health Services.

Healthy Child Programme

We make sure services are available to offer every family a programme of screening tests, developmental reviews, information and support for parenting and help to make healthy choices.

This is part of the nationwide Healthy Child Programme. School nurses lead on delivering this in partnership in other services.

Find out about Healthy Child Programme: pregnancy and the first 5 years of life.

School nursing

School nurses are qualified nurses who, along with health visitors, are responsible for helping improve the health of parents, children and young people.

In particular, school nurses lead on the Healthy Child Programme, a government programme developed to improve the health and well-being of children from 5 to 19.

Find out more about health visitors and school nursing.

Children's health checks

Alongside the routine health checks that are carried out at school, there are other checks and screening programmes that your child might need to take part in.

Your GP will talk to you about these if they feel they're necessary.

These include screening for diabetic retinopathy which is a sight-threatening condition as well as tests for anaemia, thyroid function and asthma.

National Child Measurement Programme

The National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) is a national programme to check the height and weight of all children at reception and year 6.

School nurses carry out these checks. Children who are identified as an unhealthy weight will be offered help and support on how to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Find out more about the National Child Measurement Programme.

Childhood vaccinations

These are the vaccinations that are routinely offered free to all children in the UK. These are given by your GP and include polio, diphtheria, rotavirus and the MMR jab.

Children who are at increased risk of certain diseases may also be offered additional vaccinations.

Parents with worries or queries about any aspect of their child's immunisations should discuss them with their doctor, health visitor or practice nurse.

See the full list of childhood immunisations and when they are given.

Read more about the importance of childhood vaccinations.

Young people's substance misuse

We make sure that services are available to support young people with drug and alcohol issues.

We work with Derbyshire T3 which is a specialist service for young people who are using drugs or alcohol.

Active lifestyles and healthy living

Find out about the services and schemes on offer to young people in Derbyshire.

Parenting support

Parenting can be tough and there are a number of reasons why you might need extra help sometimes.

Getting the right information and advice at the right time can really help. Find out about the support we offer to parents.

You can also find local help and support on a range of issues at your nearest children's centre.

Our centres provide advice on things like early education, childcare, health services and information on a wide variety of other services.

Young people's mental health

We work with lots of different people to help children and young people in Derbyshire improve their mental health and wellbeing.