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Derbyshire business emergency relief fund

Our business relief fund offering one-off payments of up to £500 to help small businesses survive the coronavirus pandemic has been suspended due to unprecedented demand.

We are currently processing the applications received so far as quickly as possible and prioritising self-employed applicants to ensure they are the first to receive payments.

The government has announced a wide range of measures to support businesses across the country including a business rate holiday and a range of grants. Visit our business pages for details of other support available.

The fund provides a direct grant that is intended only to provide immediate financial relief in this time of financial hardship. It is not intended to cover regular costs or losses over an extended period.


This grant for emergency relief can only be paid to:

  • micro businesses - a micro business is defined as a business having 9 or less employees (full time equivalent) and either a turnover or balance sheet of less than €2 million) - a business that is part of a larger group will need to include staff head count, turnover, balance sheet data from that group too
  • micro businesses that have experienced a negative impact by Covid-19 as a direct result of government’s Covid-19 policy
  • businesses that are registered in Derbyshire (excluding Derby)
  • no alternative government support or relief is available

Exceptions to applications

Business emergency relief grant cannot be applied for in the following circumstances:

  • where insurance is held, the Business Emergency Relief grant cannot pay for any matters covered by existing insurance arrangements - confirm on the form that you have not got insurance to cover the costs being claimed for
  • for routine business expenses

Completing the application

To complete the application you will need:

  • basic business details (for example address, email, type of business) of your organisation
  • VAT number and company registration (if applicable)
  • business bank account details
  • details of how your business has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak and supporting information such as loss of trading figures and costs associated with stock

Information required as part of the application

Section 1:

  • to evidence turnover and confirm eligibility as a micro business please supply your latest set of accounts

Section 2:

  • to enable prompt payment of grant, a bank statement with your business name or evidence that a personal account is used for the business and activity for which you are claiming is required

Section 3:

  • a) up to £500 (gross) is available as a one-off emergency payment – clearly state the amount requested but please note this may not be the amount that is received.
  • b) provide as much detailed information as possible
  • c) clearly state what the grant will be used for, for example immediate costs or outgoings
  • d) clearly state what measures you are taking to enable your business to re-open or re-establish trading

What happens next

Your application will be cross-referenced with available information on the extent and observed impact of the coronavirus. This includes all available information and advice from government. In submitting the application, you agree to information being shared with the borough and district councils in Derbyshire.

Your application will be acknowledged as received within 2 working days.

A decision on payment will be taken within 5 working days days.

In submitting your application, you will agree that statements and information provided in support of this application are accurate and true.

We reserve the right to review grant awards made to any business and you will agree to maintain a record of how the grant was spent.

We also reserve the right to amend the grant criteria in light of emerging advice and information.

If you wish to apply for any other support including those related to domestic and residential properties such as the Business Rate Relief, you should check the website of your local district or borough council.