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Changes to town centres

We’ve started to make some temporary changes to town centres across the county so that we can make more space for shoppers. We’ve been working in partnership with the district and borough councils and were asked to do this work by the Government.

Our temporary, emergency measures are to ensure appropriate social distancing measures are in place, to keep people safe and to help give confidence to both customers and the local community that it is safe to return to the high street.  

In some places we have made pavements wider by taking out a few on-street parking spaces, in other towns we have closed roads or made some streets one way. We’ve also put up signs across the county to remind people to keep their distance from other people. We are working our way through the changes needed so some towns have been completed, while others we are yet to start.

We had a very limited amount of time to meet Government guidelines which meant we were not able to consult local people or businesses on our plans for their town.

We are happy to make adjustments or tweak our plans where we can however due to stringent timescales and limited funding from the government it may not always be possible to do so. 

Tell us what you think

Please complete our online form if you would like to comment on the changes to your town. We will look carefully at every response we receive.