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If you need help during the coronavirus outbreak

There's information here for those who need help during the coronavirus outbreak and how to get it.

We can help you if you have no friends or family you can call on and:

  • you are self-isolating because you or a member of your household is at risk or tested positive for coronavirus or you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus
  • you are struggling to meet your basic needs because of financial, social or health restrictions
  • you are pregnant
  • you have underlying health conditions
  • you are aged 70 or over

We can help you with shopping, or fetching your prescription or finding someone to have a chat with.

Unfortunately, we cannot help with domestic jobs or looking after pets.

There's also guidance on how to get an online supermarket delivery slot if you are shielding.

How to get the help you need

If you need help you can use our online form to register for it.

Register for help

Or you can phone us on tel: 01629 535091. Our phone line opening hours are:

  • Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday from 9am to 1pm

One of our approved partner volunteer organisations will be in touch with you as soon as possible to offer you the help you need.

When you make a request for help, the request comes to a team of our employees, who will look at the request. Usually they'll pass it on to one of our partners in local district area within one working day. These partners are the local Council for Voluntary Service, or CVS who then arrange for one of their volunteers to help you. They do that as soon as they can, usually within a day or so.

Don't give your bank details, bank card or PIN to anyone, and don't give cash to anyone who is not part of this volunteer scheme or you already know.

Check that the person who comes to help you is from the voluntary organisation who contacted you.

If you feel unwell please seek advice from NHS 111.

If you've registered but you've heard nothing you don't need to register again. Please contact us tel: 01629 535091.

If you're on the shielded list and have had a letter from the NHS telling you this and you've registered with the government for assistance, you don't need to tell us. The NHS will send us your details and we'll get in touch with you directly to discuss what support you need.

If you're on the shielded list and have had a letter from the NHS telling you this, but you do not need any help as you have family or friends available, you don't need to tell us. But please let us know if you do need any help in the future.

If you think that your medical conditions mean that you should be shielded but you've not had a letter from anyone to tell you this, you'll need to contact your GP who'll be able to help you. The NHS website for a definition of who should be considered as needing to be shielded.

Food parcels

The parcels mainly contain tinned or long life items, such as tinned fruit, tinned vegetables, tinned meat, soup, biscuits, tea and long life milk. The contents can change from week to week depending on what we have available, but will keep you going for a week. Sometimes we're able to include fresh vegetables or fruit or bread.

If you're on the shielded list you do not need to pay as the government will pay.

If you're not on the shielded list then you'll be asked to contribute £25 towards a box. We'll be in touch to let you know how to pay at a later date.

Some boxes look like they've come from Amazon as they have an Amazon logo on the box. Amazon kindly donated some boxes for us to use, for which we thank them.

The boxes donated by Amazon were bigger than we needed, which is why there is space left in the boxes after we have put the food in them.

We can usually get the food parcels to you in 3 working days, unless you tell us you have nothing left to eat and no other way to get food.

If you have an allergy or medical needs which means you cannot use the food in one of our parcels we can arrange for someone to shop for you. We cannot provide a shopping service for everyone who would like that service.

If you no longer need food parcels

If you no longer want to get a food parcel, you should re-register on the government's website and answer 'yes' to the question 'Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?'. Or you can call the automated helpline to do this, tel: 0800 028 8327.

You'll then be removed from the government's food parcel distribution list.

This will not affect your supermarket priority status.

Pharmacies delivering prescriptions

We know that local pharmacies are experiencing exceptionally high demand for delivery services. Some pharmacies can deliver your prescriptions if they are your usual pharmacy, these are:

Please contact these pharmacies directly to be added to their delivery list.

COVID-19 testing

The Community Response Unit cannot order a COVID-19 test for you. You can get advice on getting tested for COVID-19.