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Children in need

A few children, young people and families have such significant or complex needs that they require support from social care services.

Social care provides a range of specialist and safeguarding services, these services may be provided for a short time to help a family in a crisis or as part of a longer term plan of support.

These services can only be provided after one or more of the following social care assessments. Children, young people and their families are encouraged to contribute to the assessment and will always receive a copy of it.

As part of the assessment process information is recorded about the child, young person and family. You can find more information about how we store personal data and who it might be shared with in our section about sharing information.

Initial assessment

A very small number of children with significant or complex needs require help from social care services. These services are only available following an assessment to understand the needs of the child or young person and inform what would be the best service to help.

An assessment may be a brief problem solving look at the situation with the child, parent and with support from other organisations such as schools. This is called an initial assessment. You'll be given a copy of the assessment.

Core assessment

It may be that a more in depth look at the circumstances behind the issues is needed including looking at areas related to the child's development, the family circumstances and the wider family and community strengths and challenges. This is called a core assessment. You'll be asked your views on the assessment and will be given a copy of the assessment.

Children in need assessment

Children who need more intensive help and support, for whatever reason, are seen as ‘Children in Need’ under section 17 of the Children Act 1989 and are eligible for a 'children in need assessment' by children's social care. Usually an assessment will be done by a social care worker in your local area but if a disabled child has very complex needs a social worker from the disabled children's service may be involved.

If you think your child might need a social care assessment contact Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.