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Derbyshire Safe Place Scheme roles for partners

Safe Places provide help for people who may feel unwell, confused, threatened or if they're in trouble while out and about in their local community.

It's a voluntary scheme for organisations and businesses who want to join a network of designated Safe Places throughout Derbyshire. The scheme is part of the Safe Places National Network.

While this is a voluntary scheme, roles have been clarified for all the partners involved. These roles are as follows:

What we will do

We work to make sure everyone in Derbyshire lives well and thrives. We also work with people and communities on a range of initiatives to improve wellbeing locally.

For the purposes of this scheme we will:

  • manage and administer the scheme. We reserve the right to alter or amend the scheme at our discretion and any changes will be notified to all partners as soon as reasonably practicable - additional partners may become involved in due course and their roles will be considered and included
  • process applications for safe places and maintain a register
  • place information about Derbyshire Safe Places on the Safe Places National Network website which will populate the Safe Places mobile phone app
  • issue Keep Safe Cards and maintain a database of card holders
  • act as first point of contact for any issues or questions arising about the scheme
  • promote the scheme and update this website
  • administer the annual Safe Place Check process to ensure continued suitability of the Safe Place
  • periodically monitor performance to assess use of the scheme
  • undertake an annual evaluation of the scheme to support funding applications

What the safe place will do

The safe place can be the premises of any organisation or business in Derbyshire who wants to be part of the scheme.

For the purposes of this scheme the organisation or business is asked to:

  • display the safe place sticker in a prominent place
  • designate a responsible person who will be the main point of contact for the scheme and who will liaise with us and other partners - the responsible person is also asked to maintain awareness of the scheme with staff and help it to continue to run smoothly
  • recognise that the safe place scheme operates whenever the public has access to their premises
  • provide a suitably qualified and trained member of staff, on duty at all times, to offer help to any person producing a Keep Safe Card or asking for help - this member of staff will be someone who has been made aware of the scheme and its responsibilities
  • contact the emergency contact detailed on the Keep Safe Card or emergency services - whichever is most appropriate
  • offer the person asking for help a suitable area to wait until help arrives
  • make sure that appropriate and adequate public liability insurance cover is in place and that we are indemnified against any liability
  • agree to Safe Place Checks being undertaken by the police and trading standards - without breaching your rights under Data Protection Act 1998 and Enterprise Act 2002, checks will be made in relation to any of the following as part of the approval process:
    • crime statistics in and around the proposed safe place, for example, anti-social behaviour, hate crime, violent crime, police local intelligence and knowledge
    • trading standards enquiry databases
  • allow the name, address and any other appropriate personal data of the organisation or business to be shared between partners involved in the Derbyshire Safe Place Scheme, to enable safe place checks to be undertaken
  • allow the name, address and contact details of the organisation or business and safe place to be included in the safe place register that members of the public may access
  • agree to complete a performance monitoring form recording the number of people who use the scheme, what help was given, and the dates and times - we'll ask for this information on a 6 monthly basis and used it to help evaluate the scheme, as per data protection guidelines
  • co-operate in annual safe places checks to make sure the organisation or business remains a safe place
  • help promote the scheme

Continual monitoring of the scheme will take place. This may include monitoring visits that will involve someone visiting your designated safe place to ask for help. The aim of these exercises is to identify any areas of improvement for the scheme. The results will be passed to us for evaluation purposes.

If your organisation or business can no longer fulfil these roles then you agree to inform the project lead by emailing: or tel: 01629 532469. This may result in your organisation or business being removed from the scheme.

What the police will do

For the purposes of this scheme, Derbyshire police will:

  • carry out safe place checks, in relation to crime statistics in and around the proposed safe place, for example anti-social behaviour, hate crime, violent crime, police local intelligence and knowledge
  • inform us of any changes to the organisation or business which could impact on the scheme
  • contribute to monitoring performance and evaluation of the scheme
  • help promote the scheme

What trading standards will do

For the purpose of this scheme, trading standards will:

  • carry out safe place checks, in relation to our own enquiry databases
  • help promote the scheme