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Learning Disability Partnership Board members

The partnership boards have elected representatives with a learning disability and elected representatives who are family carers. They represent other people with learning disabilities and family carers who live within their local area.

County Learning Disability Partnership Board

The county board meets 4 times each year. Approximately 25 to 30 people attend and contribute towards the work the boards do. Representatives from each of the local boards attend these meetings.

The work of the board is reviewed annually.

Local boards

There are also 3 boards across the county:

They meet every 2 months.

Be a representative

The local partnership boards are looking for new representatives.

  • Do you have a learning disability?
  • Do you care for someone with a learning disability?
  • Are you transitioning into adult life?
  • Do you have a profound learning disability?

If so, would you be interested in representing all people with learning disabilities?

You can find our more about how to get involved in your local partnership board.

Help for learning disability representatives

Anyone with a learning disability can become a representative and you do not have to attend a day centre or receive funded services from adult care to join the board.

Learning disability representatives are trained for the roles and receive support to attend meetings and carry out their duties associated with the board if required.

This helps to make sure people with learning disabilities are fully included in their local partnership boards activities.

We provide a 'top tips' toolkit for even better partnership boards. This toolkit has been put together by elected representatives from partnership boards across Derbyshire and you can find them attached to this page.

email: or tel: 01629 531307.

Help for family carer representatives

We work with Derbyshire Carers Association to provide a network coordinator to work with and help elected family carers.

Our aim is to help family carers fully and effectively take part in their local partnership board activities. You can find the contact for your local Derbyshire Carers area office on their website.

Carers in Derbyshire has been created by a partnership of family carers, health services, voluntary sector organisations and ourselves. It provides information for carers including a searchable directory of services such as support groups and drop-in centres.

Role of the chairperson of the county board

The independent chairperson will help with and maintain the work of the Learning Disability County Partnership Board, and provide leadership and strategic support. Please see the job description attached to this page for more information.