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Temporary Right of Way closures

The temporary closure of Public Rights of Way is sometimes necessary. We aim to keep any inconvenience to a minimum and will work to open the path as quickly as possible.

We promote temporary closures on Public Rights of Way on a frequent basis to allow works to be carried out on or near the path. To view a list of current, future and recently expired temporary path closures visit the path closure register.

Closures take 3 forms:

  • by notice - the path will be closed for no more than 5 days to allow the statutory undertakers (gas, water and electricity) to carry out works to their services
  • emergency - the path will be closed for up to 3 weeks - we can promote a maximum of 2 consecutive emergency orders
  • by order - the path will be closed for a maximum of 6 months - extensions beyond this period have to be approved by the Secretary of State
Paths are closed as a last resort. However, when we and the company or the persons carrying out the work in the vicinity do not wish to put the public at risk, it's sometimes necessary to close the path.

We make every effort to ensure that there is an alternative route available. Sometimes this may be slightly longer than the original.

You cannot object to a temporary closure. However we are very happy to discuss the closure with you. We aim to minimise the impact on the public and keep the length of the closure to an absolute minimum.

The applicant is required to put the path back in a usable condition and of a similar construction to what it was prior to the works. Please let us know if you find a path in a poor condition following works and we'll contact the applicant straight away.

Making an application

If you wish to make an application please complete the Application for Temporary Closure of Public Right of Way form, email to request a form.


Rates will vary according to the duration and type of order. We'll charge the following rates per closure:

  • full order: £725 plus advertising costs
  • extension: £650 plus advertising costs
  • 5-day notice: £455
  • emergency (3 weeks): £455
  • special event up to 3 days: £455
  • special event over 3 days: £725

Administrative charges are included in these rates, but we're not able to provide you with an estimate of the advertising costs as this is variable and not controlled by us.

Charges are subject to change from 1 April 2025.

Reinstatement on completion of the works

Applicants are reminded that the path should be reinstated to the same construction as it was prior to the works.

If the path had a tarmac surface then a similar surface is required. If it had a cobbled (setted) surface then this should be replaced.

Inspections will be carried out.