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Stiles and gates

Stiles and gates belong to the owner of the land. However, we've created a situation which we hope will encourage landowners to keep these structures in good repair.

Our approach is one of maximum convenience and therefore our philosophy is 'gap, gate, stile' meaning a gap is the preferred option and a stile is a last resort.

We have little control over existing structures because they belong to the owner of the land. If we're authorising a new structure we'll insist that the application is considered against our approach in the first instance.

Report a problem on a right of way

Our approach to gates and stiles in disrepair

Here are our guidelines:

  • we're obliged by law to offer you a minimum of 25% grant aid towards the repair of the gate or stile across a public right of way
  • if you have a stile in disrepair we'll ask if you're prepared to remove it and either leave a gap or replace it with a gate - we'll offer you a free gate from our stock if you're willing to remove the stile
  • if you have a gate in disrepair then we'll ask if you're prepared to remove it and leave a gap
  • if we run out of gates which we supply (and we do because this is a popular scheme) we'll offer you 50% grant aid for the repair or replacement of existing gates or stiles

Read more about our enforcement.

Replacing ladder stiles on your property

If possible we'd encourage you to remove it or replace it with a more appropriate structure. However, we'll offer grant aid at a level of 25%.

Responsibilities for injuries on broken stiles

Stiles and gates belong to the owner of the land. The Data Protection Act prevents us from providing you with details of landownership.

Claims for grant aid

You'll need to include copies of invoices for materials and labour. We reserve the right to query the detail of the claim and cost of materials.

We'll provide grant aid for stiles passing through or over walls. We do not offer grant aid for the rebuilding of the wall either side of a squeeze stile.

Erecting a stile or putting in a gate

You may only do this with our consent.

Please contact your local rights of way inspector for more information - Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.

The Highways Act 1980 requires us to approve any new gate or stile. Gates or stiles built without our consent will be treated as obstructions unless it can be approved.

Diverting paths for electric fencing

If you have to erect electric fencing across a path to allow livestock to graze the field in a controlled way, you cannot temporarily divert the path. You'll need to build a temporary structure in the fencing to allow the public to use the path.

Restricting dogs from your fields

Please read the animals page for more information.