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What happens to my recycling?

Find out what happens to your recycling once it's been collected.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your glass bottles, paper, cans and plastic packaging after you put it in your recycling bin?

Some people tell us they believe it all goes to landfill but that’s simply not the case. And to prove it we’ve made all the information available online so people can see exactly where their recycling ends up and what it’s turned into.

You can check where your recycling goes to be sorted, how and where it's recycled and what it's turned into.

You can also use it to look up useful information about the kerbside recycling collection service run by your local district or borough council – including which items can be recycled and which bin you should put them in.

And you can also find out what happens to waste if you don’t put it in your recycling bin.

See what happens to recycling in your area