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What to do with your compost?

Here are some examples of what you can do with your compost once it is ready. 

Hand pats soil around a flower in a plant pot

Put it onto the soil

As a soil conditioner - apply one to 2 wheelbarrow loads for every 5 metre square to make an even spread layer of approximately one centimetre. This can be applied in the spring, summer or even autumn.

As a mulch - apply evenly to the surface of a bed or around trees and shrubs to a depth of 50mm. Make sure that the compost is not touching the plant stems as it can cause damage to the bark.

Compost can also be used for weed suppression and to control soil erosion by reducing run off.

Top dress your lawn

Sieve the compost to remove large materials. Spread a thin layer evenly across the grass in the autumn to revitalise the soil and replace nutrients lost over the year through mowing.

Pot on plants

Compost can be mixed with leaf mould, bark, sharp sand or loam to produce growing media suitable for potting on plants. Add approximately one third compost to two thirds other materials.

Give it to a friend or neighbour

If you can't use the compost that you've made, why not give it to someone else that might be able to make use of it?

Leave it in the bin

Matured compost can be stored in your compost bin until you are ready to use it. If you have no use for your compost and don't know anyone who can use it, you can simply leave it in your bin.