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Bramleymoor Lane

Oil and chemical firm INEOS is seeking planning permission to explore shale gas reserves on privately-owned land off Bramleymoor Lane, between the villages of Apperknowle and Marsh Lane.

A public inquiry will be held from 19 June 2018 to decide whether INEOS should be granted planning permission for the development. The the final decision will be taken by a planning inspector on behalf of the Government. The inquiry will be held at the Assembly Rooms in the Market Hall, Chesterfield, on Soresby Street.

The site

Bramleymoor Lane is located 0.5km to the south-west of Marsh Lane, near Eckington, in North East Derbyshire District. INEOS' proposal involves erecting a drilling rig up to 60 metres tall and drilling around 2,400 metres below the ground to investigate the suitability of the rock for 'fracking'. This is the process of injecting water and chemicals at high pressure into rocks deep underground to create tiny cracks so shale gas can flow up a well to the surface and be collected.

View a map of the proposed drilling site.

View the planning application.

Background information

INEOS submitted its planning application to the county council in May 2017 and the council held two public consultations about the proposals.

But in December, before the council was ready to decide on the application, INEOS chose to make an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate saying it could not continue to wait for a decision.

It means a public inquiry will now be held with the decision whether or not to grant planning permission being taken by a Planning Inspector.

At a meeting on 5 February, the council's Planning Committee members voted to reject the recommendation of council planning officers that the proposal by INEOS would be acceptable if strict planning controls are put in place.

Read our media release about the Bramleymoor Lane recommendation being rejected by our planning committee.

Watch the Planning Committee meeting live webcast.

Read our media release about the meeting of our planning sub-committee, held on 4 May 2018

The council's position will be presented to the planning inspector to be taken into account before deciding on the proposal.

On 29 January 2018 the planning committee decided not to deal with a repeat application from INEOS for the same development at Bramleymoor Lane.

The firm submitted the second application for identical development - a process known as "twin-tracking" - soon after it made an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in December.

Read our media release about the committee's decision not to deal with the repeat application.

In February 2017, we decided an environmental impact assessment was not needed for this proposal. In June 2017, a Government minister gave a direction which came to the same conclusion.

You can find more background information including pre-application information we received from INEOS about the Bramleymoor Lane site, our detailed decision on the environmental impact assessment and the Government minister's direction attached to this page.

You can also find out more about the planning process.