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Making a minerals or waste application

All planning applications are now made online via the Planning Portal.

The Planning Portal provides a system whereby your planning applications can be submitted online, including application forms, site location plans and drawings, and other supporting information.

Fees for submission of an application can be paid online using your credit card, via a secure payment process.

Where possible plans should be submitted as A3 or A4 size documents.

Visit the Planning Portal to apply online.

Pre-application discussions

We encourage anyone thinking of making an application for mineral or waste development, or any related proposals to come and talk about their ideas to planning officers.

These officers have the knowledge and experience to provide advice and guidance about both the procedures involved and the policy context which will need to be considered.

Pre-application discussions can be helpful to potential applicants in formulating proposals or advising whether development is likely to comply with current planning policy.

We have information on the current policy background against which planning applications will be considered.

To ensure local people are involved in the planning process as soon as possible, in particular for major or potentially controversial proposals, we encourage intending applicants to begin discussions with local communities at an early stage in the development of their proposals.

Environmental impact assessment

Some mineral and waste developments can have a significant effect on the environment and accordingly an environmental impact assessment (EIA) may have to be undertaken and results submitted along with the planning application in the form of an environmental statement. Planning officers can give advice about this.

Intending applicants can request a formal view about whether EIA is required in a particular case by asking for a screening opinion.

Where EIA is required applicants are encouraged to ask for a formal view about what we think should be included in an EIA such as the effect on people, flora, fauna, soils, water, air, architectural and archaeological heritage and landscape by asking for a 'scoping opinion'.