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Reporting flooding

Instructions and advice for reporting a flood in Derbyshire.

road sign on flooded road

Please read the information on this page carefully and follow the instructions to report a flood.

Reporting current and past flooding for future investigation

The more we know about flooding and flood risk in Derbyshire the better.

We'd appreciate your help by reporting any previous flooding in Derbyshire. This will help us build up our knowledge of areas subject to flooding and flooding sources in the county.

Spend a few moments of your time to let us know about any floods by reporting it online or using the survey of flood incident form, which is attached to this page.

We're looking for all the information you can give us regardless of how long ago the flood may have occurred. Even if you haven't seen any similar event happen since, it doesn't necessarily mean it won’t happen in the future if the weather conditions allowed it.

Report flooding

There's no more valuable source of information on flooding than those who have experienced it in their area first hand. This is why we're trying to build up a database of your knowledge of historic flooding issues in your local community.

We can work to find a solution to the issues causing the flooding and reduce the likelihood of, or best prepare you for, a similar event in the future.

You can also get urgent advice or help about a flood that is happening right now and keep track of the latest flood warnings or sign up for flood warnings.