Tree Preservation Orders

Silhouette of a tree We are responsible for administering our Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) which involves safeguarding both individual trees, groups of trees and woodlands. 

We manage around 180 TPOs covering trees and woodland throughout the county. 

TPOs are protected trees and it is an offence to cut down, wilfully damage, prune or do any other work on them without the proper permission. However, there are certain legal exemptions. 

You can view current Tree Preservation Orders using the Derbyshire Partnership Mapping (opens in a new window) Portal.

If you wish to carry out work on a tree protected by a Tree Preservation Order you will need to make a formal application using the form provided in the related documents section on this web page.

Please note due to legislative and regulatory changes to the planning system, from 1 October 2008 it is mandatory to complete the application form below and provide all information as detailed in the advice notes.  

We will not be able to accept applications in any other format e.g. old versions of application forms or letters.

There is no charge for submitting an application and we aim to determine your application within eight weeks of receipt.

Advice on completing your application

Please read the advice note below before filling in your application form.

It is important that all mandatory information is provided.

Failure to supply precise and detailed information may result in your application being rejected or delay in dealing with it.

Before sending your application to us we advise you to use the validation checklist below to ensure you have included all the necessary information.

The Department for Communities and Local Government website (opens in a new window) has further information on Tree Preservation Orders.

Related documents

The following documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download software to view PDF documents for free from the Adobe website (opens in a new window)