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Carbon emissions - the current situation in Derbyshire

In 2020 to 2021, we emitted 15,807 tonnes of greenhouse gases from our property, street lighting and vehicle fleet and 15,126 tonnes of greenhouse gases from energy use in our schools. This is a 63% reduction since 2009 to 2010.

We aim to reduce these emissions to as close to zero as possible by 2032 or sooner and ensure that the amount of remaining emissions is absorbed or off-set by trees and other plants. We're also looking at the sources of other emissions, such as from the goods and services we buy, to try and measure and reduce them. You can find our annual emissions report and other data on the Derbyshire Observatory.

A bigger challenge is to reduce emissions across Derbyshire. In 2019 we produced around 7.35 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from our homes, industry and businesses and from transport. We need to reduce this to as close to zero as possible by 2050 at the latest and off-set any remaining emissions. In 2019, 0.127 million tonnes of carbon dioxide were off-set in Derbyshire through absorption by woodlands and other vegetation.

Find out what we're doing to reduce emissions.