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Education improvement service

About the programme of training available from the education improvement service.

The children's services education improvement service programme offers a range of courses and conferences which have been developed to enhance the learning and teaching taking place in Derbyshire schools and settings.

To complement these the education improvement service also offer a wide range of consultancy and training packages tailor-made to suit the needs of individuals, departments, whole staff groups, individual school settings and clusters or groups of schools.

A Derbyshire that cares

Through the course and conference programme we seek to support the priorities of the Council Plan so that every child is given the best start in life, a safe and happy childhood and an education that allows them to achieve their full potential.

Getting the best continuous professional development and making a difference

Effective and appropriate continuous professional development can prove costly in terms of time and money invested in improvement activities. It is vitally important that schools think very carefully about priorities for improvement across the school and for individuals or groups of staff.

Outstanding continuous professional development leaders will ensure that careful thought is given to linking identified training to the whole school improvement plan.

Paying careful attention to the most recent inspection report for the school will give a clear indication regarding school improvement requirements through not only the identified key issues for improvement but also potential improvement priorities contained within the text of the report.

Continuous professional development is most effective when all staff can see the rationale for improvement and change. All staff must be involved from the outset in organising and developing the professional development activity. If staff can see the purpose of the training and 'buy into it' the outcome is likely to be highly successful and pupils will benefit from the improvements that result in better teaching.

Why engage in school-to-school support and joint professional development?

When professional development is successful and effective it is highly likely that teaching will improve across schools. A range of research evidence is now available to support this view. As a result the process of improving pedagogy through effective professional development will undoubtedly lead to improved pupil learning, achievement and wellbeing.

Identifying in-school experts or those in another local school to share their good practice is a particularly powerful method of improving educational provision. Regular opportunities to see and hear what other professional colleagues are doing in their classrooms and hearing about some of their successful practices can make a difference to the skills of a number of people in a short space of time.

Finding a course

Courses offered by the Education Improvement Service can be found on Derbyshire Services for Schools. Select the training and events tab, then select 'Education Improvement' under the provider filter.

For bespoke an on-demand training, you can submit a bespoke training request.