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Independent travel training scheme

We have introduced an independent travel training scheme (ITT) called LiftTraining.

It's aimed at young people who may face difficulty with using public transport, to help them live more independently. This service is being delivered in partnership with the National Star Foundation.

LiftTraining started in Gloucestershire in 2007 when National Star College identified a need for structured programmes providing opportunities to increase travel related skills so learners could work towards using public transport independently.

LiftTraining has since developed a wide range of award winning services which have been established at sites across the UK.

What is travel training?

LiftTraining employs travel trainers who work on a one-to-one basis with a learner to gain independence on a specific route to and from school or college.

A travel trainer usually works with a learner for about 10 return sessions, gradually developing their independence through accompanied, close and distance shadowed journeys. Travel training provides valuable independence and increased confidence for learners.


We fund LiftTraining and for learners to be eligible they need to:

  • be in Year 8 or above at school or be aged between 16 and 25 attending post-16 education
  • be provided with transport to their place of education, paid for by us

Sophie's story

Sophie wanted to take part in travel training to independently visit college and her wider community and worked with her travel trainer once a week on the return journey.

She began by travelling with her trainer but as she became more confident and her road safety improved, Sophie walked ahead whilst her trainer observed.

After a few weeks, Sophie's confidence had improved hugely and she began to travel on the bus by herself whilst her trainer followed in a car.

She then went on to travel without her trainer. Sophie's travel trainer worked with Sophie and her family to create a personalised programme which allowed her to achieve at her own pace. Sophie has gone on to learn new routes and has increased her lifelong opportunities.

Qualifications for travel training learners

LiftTraining offers a qualification for learners wanting to improve their travel skills. LiftTraining has developed schemes of work, lesson plans, resources and workbooks meaning that everything is in place to pick up and start delivering.

For our accredited courses, LiftTraining can offer internal verification and administration with the awarding body.

Find out more

To find out more information, or to make a referral please contact the travel training team:

LiftTraining Derbyshire
Godkin House
Park Road

Tel: 07805 745341