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Using the primary admissions guide

Please read all the information contained in the guide before making an application. We are currently not able to write to parents reminding them of when their child should start school.

If you're a parent living in Derbyshire, excluding Derby city, the information contained in the parents' guide pages explains how you can apply for a primary school place for your child - whether that school is in or outside Derbyshire.

If you're requesting a place at a school outside of Derbyshire we'll send the form to the neighbouring council for consideration and work with them through the process.

The decision on whether the child can be offered a place will be taken by the council which runs the school, or the governing body if it is a voluntary aided, academy or foundation school. You may want to check with the school's home council how places are allocated in that area. This does not include independent schools.

Similarly, if you live outside of Derbyshire but want your child to attend a Derbyshire school you should make your application through your home council who will liaise with us.

Even if you have already approached a school or feel you have put your child's name down at a school - that is not a formal application. A formal application can only be made by following the process explained in this guide.

We invite you to state preferences for any 3 schools and give your reasons.

We prefer you to apply online. It's quick and it's free.

If for any reason you're unable to make an application online please contact us tel: 01629 537499.

How it works

You fill in one application form only, no matter how many schools you want to apply for. There's no need to fill out a separate form for each school. Only make one application either online or on paper - not one of each.

We act as a clearing house for admitting all Derbyshire pupils to primary, infant and junior schools.

Transfer from infant to junior school

When children are due to leave infant school and need to move to a different school for their junior education, parents must make an application.

A place in a particular infant school does not guarantee a place at the associated junior school. Similarly, a place at a particular junior or primary school does not guarantee a place at a particular secondary school (different arrangements apply in the Eckington area).

Applications are needed from all parents, including those who want their child to attend their normal area school.

Supplementary forms

Some voluntary aided, academy and foundation schools may want you to fill in supplementary forms or provide documentation in addition to an application you make to us.

Look at the school's brochure to see if this is the case. This is so that they can apply their own admission criteria. For example, they might want proof of your address or proof that your child has been baptised.

Supplementary forms are available from the relevant school. Any additional paperwork of this type should be returned to the school by the closing date.

This supplementary paperwork is not instead of our application form. You will still need to make an application to us.

Special educational needs

If your child has a statement of special educational needs or an education health and care plan his or her admission is dealt with through the statement. You should contact us email: