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Placing a child outside their normal primary age group

The year group with which a child is taught has implications for a child’s social as well as educational development.

We believe it's better for children to stay within their peer group.

For children whose attainments either fall significantly below or exceed the expected levels at a particular key stage, in almost all cases a child’s individual needs can be met by schools without accelerated or delayed admission to another year group.

Exceptionally, a child may be admitted outside of their normal year group. Such a decision will be based on the circumstances of each case. Before making a formal request parents are strongly advised to discuss the matter with their child’s pre-school provider or current headteacher, prospective future headteacher and any other professionals involved.

Making a formal request

If after discussion, parents then wish to make a formal request they can find our policy on the admission of children outside of their normal age group.

Requests should be accompanied by evidence to show that the child’s admission outside of their normal age group is in the child’s best interests. All relevant factors will be considered when assessing requests against our policy on the admission of children outside of their normal age group.

If a request is not agreed then a place may be offered in another year group.

Children aren't entitled to receive pre-school provision once they reach statutory school age.