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Elective home education

Parents have a duty to ensure their child, receives a full time education. Most parents choose to send their child to school. You can choose to take full responsibility and home educate.

What the law says

The law states that as a parent you must ensure your child receives a full-time education from the age of 5.

You must make sure your child gets education that is suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any other special needs they have.

This can be done through regular attendance at school or through electing to educate them at home.

Our role

We respect your right to choose to educate your child at home, rather than have them attend a school.

We believe in working in partnership with you and offer advice and guidance through our 'Derbyshire approach to elective home education' which is attached to this page.

There are some circumstances when families may be considering elective home education due to other reasons. It may not be their preferred choice. These may be related to physical or mental health, special educational needs, bullying, attendance or the possibility of exclusion. We advise you seek support in looking at alternative approaches to help with the specific difficulty.

There are opportunities to learn outside at mills, former railways, parks, grounds around museums and other buildings in Derbyshire.

Multi-agency team (MAT)

Our careers advisers provide free, up-to-date careers information, advice and guidance to teenagers. They also offer advice to people with learning difficulties or disabilities.

If you have any questions about elective home education please email: or tel: 01629 532803.