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Children's centres

Our children's centres bring services together to improve the quality of life and increase opportunities for all children.

young child playing

Information, support and guidance for parents can be found on the respective Facebook pages of our centres:

Our Facebook pages provide a wide range of information, including safety information, links to local services, welfare support, activities to be done at home, healthy eating, dental health and much more.

The government has general guidance for parents and carers.

Our centres

Our children's centres provide:

  • early education
  • family support and support services in the home or community (known as outreach) for parents and carers
  • child development
  • information, advice and guidance to other services available

These services will be delivered from a variety of settings in each children's centre across Derbyshire. Services may be delivered by a number of organisations working together, who may be from the local authority, voluntary and community organisations or the private sector.

One-to-one advice, guidance and support

We maintain regular contact with all our families by email, video calling, telephone, text messaging, maintaining relationships and supporting families. We'll also visit families if we need to.

Our children's centre teams are available to support more complex needs and swift referral processes are in place.

Advice, support and information is also available on our Facebook pages.

Baby Buddies

By parents and carers engaging in a reciprocal relationship with their baby, this will encourage development that will provide the foundation for language, social development and emotional regulation. Parents will understand that babies and children develop at different rates from each other but will go through the different stages usually in the same order.

The sessions will enable parents and carers to understand early childhood development and how parents can support children's learning by understanding brain development, attachment, ages and stages of their child's development, play, stimulation and early language building.

Parents will gain an understanding of their own self-care along with how this impacts on their babies' development and well-being.

Baby Buddies will also connect families to a range of health services within their community as need arises.

Little Learners

The children will be supported with their early learning and development with the aim of being school ready by the time they start accessing their full-time school place. The 10 keys to unlocking school readiness will be shared with parents and carers to show them what is expected in the early years as identified by us.

The sessions will enable parents and carers to understand early childhood development and will provide them with a variety of affordable activity ideas to carry out within the home environment.

Every child a talker

Every child a talker (ECAT) is a programme of group work to support a child's speech and language development. The child monitoring tool is used to assess a child’s spoken language, attention skills, understanding and social communication. From this assessment we set targets for a child to work towards to help them progress in the identified areas of delay in their development.

Our foundation years practitioners will support parents to understand the importance of play and how this impacts on learning and development. Workers will sometimes go back to basics and provide key strategies which will strengthen and promote communication and language development.

Group work is being delivered virtually.

Parenting courses

There are a range of parenting courses offered across the county. We're developing a rolling programme of parenting groups using the Solihull Understanding Your Child's Behaviour approach. Please contact your local children's centres for more information.

Healthy eating and nutrition for the really young (HENRY)

The HENRY programme provides support to parents on:

  • feeling more confident as a parent
  • physical activities for the little ones
  • what child and the whole family eats
  • family lifestyle habits
  • enjoying life as a family

Universal offer

Through our Facebook pages and also sharing with our families via email, we signpost to virtual support groups, such as BEARS (breastfeeding support), First Steps, the Happity App, MUSH and Baby Buddy.

If you need urgent support, please contact Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.