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A prosperous and green Derbyshire

Investing in improvements to our highways and driving forward major roads projects will help to secure better jobs and homes for Derbyshire. Work continues to reduce our own carbon emissions and, working with communities, we will help to lessen the effects of climate change, including the flood risk to residents and businesses through our own planning role. Our support remains strong for current businesses as we work to attract more to come to the county, creating more jobs and inward investment.

What we will have achieved in the next year

We will have:

  • delivered a £40 million Local Transport Programme to provide well managed roads and highways and address road safety concerns
  • opened Hollis Lane Link Road Phase 1 in Chesterfield to improve road access
  • prepared a countywide response to the Integrated Rail Plan in relation to HS2, minimising any potential disruption and taking full advantage of the economic growth opportunities linked to the proposals
  • completed the viability assessment to progress the Chesterfield to Staveley Regeneration Route, which will create new homes and jobs for the area
  • reduced carbon emissions from our property and vehicles, street lighting and procurement
  • reduced the level of flood risk to the residents and businesses of Derbyshire through our planning role, the delivery of flood mitigation schemes and working with communities to develop flood resilience measures
  • developed and commenced implementation of a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan which sets out priorities to reduce the county’s carbon emissions
  • developed the Natural Capital Strategy, identifying areas where the natural environment can be further enhanced while also supporting the green economy
  • explored initiatives to tackle climate change including low carbon local energy generation
  • developed and delivered a strategic approach to sustainable travel and transport across the county, including the promotion of cycling and walking
  • agreed and implemented the COVID-19 Economic Recovery Strategy to drive good growth and maximise low carbon economic opportunities
  • rolled out the Green Entrepreneurs scheme, a £2 million grant fund to help local business to develop and invest in green energy and carbon reduction
  • implemented the gigabit top up voucher scheme and increased take-up of fibre enabled broadband across Derbyshire, particularly in rural areas, to improve access, speed and reliability for homes and businesses
  • delivered the “Invest in Derbyshire” plan to increase levels of inward investment into the county
  • worked with partners through the Vision Derbyshire approach to develop a county wide approach to improve social mobility, targeting underperforming areas across the county
  • worked with schools and other education providers to implement new strategies and support, to enable children and young people to achieve their educational potential and begin to catch up on learning they have missed due to COVID-19 restrictions
  • worked with Derbyshire businesses to support the creation of apprenticeships in key economic sectors, connecting people to local job opportunities
  • mobilised the Derbyshire Cultural Framework and reviewed and developed a costed action plan for the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site

What we will have achieved in 4 years

We will have:

  • invested in improvements to the highway network to bring forward more jobs and homes for the county
  • developed and implemented the agreed transport and growth interventions in response to the Integrated Rail Plan recommendations, securing better jobs and homes for Derbyshire
  • subject to a positive viability assessment, delivered the Chesterfield to Staveley regeneration route
  • adapted our services and worked with communities to help lessen the effects of climate change
  • continued to implement the Climate Change Strategy, working with partners, communities and businesses to reduce the county’s carbon emissions
  • continued delivery of the Economic Development and Employment and Skills Recovery Action Plans to drive low carbon recovery and good growth, specifically creating more and better jobs, increased skill levels and clean/green renewal projects
  • rescoped and redefined the Derbyshire economy for the future embracing change, advances in technology and the digital infrastructure
  • created more jobs through increased levels of domestic and international inward investment into the county
  • created a Derbyshire Social Mobility Commission to improve access to opportunities and enable people to have a better life and fulfil their potential
  • ensured that children, young people and adults are empowered to realise their ambitions and maximise their potential
  • conserved and promoted Derbyshire’s unique heritage to bring greater economic and community benefits to our residents, including highlighting our key globally important assets such as the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site