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Coordination of consultation

Coordination of consultation in Derbyshire is carried out by two groups.

Derbyshire Community Engagement Group

Derbyshire Community Engagement Group (DCEG) is a sub group of the Derbyshire Partnership Forum, that is made up of public sector organisations in Derbyshire who have responsibilities for consulting and engaging with the communities of Derbyshire.

DCEG encourages coordinated consultation and working in partnership in order to reduce duplication and improve service delivery.

Corporate Consultation and Engagement Group

The Corporate Consultation and Engagement Group (CCEG) is made up of representatives from each of our departments and is led by the commissioning, communities and policy department.

CCEG increases awareness across all departments of consultation projects that we are undertaking or planning. It:

  • coordinates consultation activities
  • allocates funds and resources to consultation activities
  • facilitates the sharing of resources, consultation skills and best practice
  • commissions external research and training as appropriate.

For further information please contact:

Barbara Ackrill, assistant research and information manager
Tel: 01629 538253