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Derbyshire integrated sexual health services

Status: Closed

Opens: 1 June 2021 - Closes: 12 July 2021

What this consultation is about

To seek views on the proposed formal partnership arrangement (referred to as a section 75 agreement) between Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS NHSFT) and ourselves, to enable DCHS NHS FT to deliver sexual health services on our behalf.

A section 75 agreement is a legal agreement and partnership agreement between ourselves and the NHS provider under the National Health Service Act 2006 (updated under the Health and Social Care Act 2012).

We understand people want and deserve the best possible public services, which protect and improve their health and wellbeing. In the NHS Act of 2006, Section 75 allows for flexibilities which can enable NHS organisations and local authorities to use partnership agreements so that they can respond effectively to improve services, either by joining up existing services or developing new, co-ordinated and co-produced services.

The Section 75 Partnership Agreement intends to improve services for users through ‘delegated functions’ (where one organisation exercises an agreed function on behalf of another). The partnership arrangement intends to offer flexibility to support better coordination and innovative approaches across the local sexual health system.

We want to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for all who access sexual health services.

We believe that the most effective approach for delivering these outcomes is through a partnership arrangement between ourselves and DCHS. Our Cabinet approved permission to go ahead with the development of the Section 75 Partnership Agreement on 14 January 2021 - see agenda item 6.

Current provision and benefits of a partnership agreement

The current Derbyshire Integrated Sexual Health service delivered by DCHS NHS FT is highly successful, delivering

  • testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • contraception
  • sexual Health specialist services – health promotion, HIV prevention, outreach and working with populations at most health risk
  • psychosexual counselling

The service already works with multiple partner organisations who deliver:

  • long acting reversible contraception (LARC) in general practice
  • online service delivery
  • pharmacy delivery of emergency contraception
  • voluntary sector support to groups with vulnerability

The proposed partnership agreement itself will not directly affect current delivery of the integrated sexual health service model but does offer multiple benefits into the future:

  • future opportunities to develop collaborative working across the sexual health system without the challenges of multiple commissioner/provider splits.
  • service innovations
  • increased capacity to re-invest in elements of sexual health care that need it most
  • seamless pathways for patients
  • cost efficiencies through partnerships
  • increased service flexibility and responsiveness to patient need

 This consultation is required in compliance with the NHS and Local Authorities Partnership Arrangements Regulations 2000 stipulate that “the partners may not enter into any partnership agreements [under Section 75 (S75) of the NHS Act 2006] unless they have consulted jointly such persons as appear to them to be affected by such arrangements”.

Have your say

We and Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust (DCHS NHSFT) welcome your comments to this proposal.

The questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

If you'd prefer a paper copy please contact Mary Hague, email or tel: 07824 624539.

How to take part

We are carrying out this consultation in the following ways:

  • Questionnaire - Online
  • Questionnaire - Paper

Who is the consultation aimed at?

Which part of Derbyshire is this consultation aimed at?
  • All Derbyshire (excluding Derby City)
Generally, who is this consultation aimed at?
  • All
Specifically, who is this consultation aimed at?
  • Adults
  • Young people

How will we let you know the results?

Feedback about this consultation will be available by the following methods:

  • Our website

Contact details