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Top tips for Trusted Trader customers

How to make sure that the Trusted Trader scheme works for you.

Trusted Trader
  1. Find your Trusted Trade online or ring Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190.

  2. If you’re using someone who says they are a Trusted Trader or has been recommended to you by a friend, remember to check that they are still Trusted Trader members or ring Call Derbyshire tel: 01629 533190 to find out.

  3. Even if you’re using a Trusted Trader, it’s still sensible to get more than one quote – that way you’ll have a better idea of the going rate for the job you want doing.

  4. When you are contacting a Trusted Trader, remember to check whether there are any fees to pay such as a call out or inspection charge for diagnosing a fault. Trusted Traders are in business and are allowed to charge for their time and expertise but any such fees should be clear in advance.

  5. Make sure that you are clear about what work you want the Trusted Trader to do for you – put it in writing to be certain. Not having a clear understanding of exactly what was required is a common reason why things can go wrong.

  6. When the work is done, your Trusted Trader should give you a feedback card so that you can tell us what you think about them. Don’t be afraid to ask for your card if you aren’t given one.

  7. When you get a feedback card, please fill it in and send it back to us. This helps us to maintain the quality of the Trusted Traders on the scheme and helps other customers to get the right Trusted Trader for their job.

  8. If you prefer (or if you didn’t get a feedback card) you can give your Trusted Trader feedback online.

  9. Don’t let the Trusted Trader you used give feedback on your behalf. We want your views not theirs.

  10. If you’ve used a Trusted Trader it’s unlikely that things will go wrong but occasionally they do. If you are not happy with the work, you should call the Trusted Trader team for advice tel: 01629 536148. Providing you agree, we’ll take up your concerns with the trader and try to sort it out if we can.