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Apply to be a Trusted Trader

Anyone with a business based in Derbyshire or who does at least half their work in the county can apply to be a Trusted Trader, you could be a trader or retail business.

Unfortunately, we can't accept applications from businesses that only trade with other businesses. This is because the scheme is designed to bring businesses and customers together and different rules apply to business to business contracts.

Business benefits

Being a Trusted Trader tells customers that you run a fair and reliable business and that you follow our code of practice.

You’ll be able to use membership of the scheme to promote your reputation as a business that cares about its customers.

Trusted Trader is promoted on our website, in our publications and via our social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook), newspaper advertising, posters and leaflets in various community locations.

You’ll be entitled to use the scheme's branding to promote your business (see advertising your membership of Derbyshire Trusted Trader attached to this page).

Our Trusted Trader pages are very well used as they contain everything you need to know about Trusted Trader.

There you’ll find a searchable list of Trusted Traders including your business address and contact information, and a link to your website if you have one.

You’ll have the assurance of pre-entry assessment to ensure you are joining a credible scheme that is committed to upholding high standards of customer service.

The code of practice

The code of practice is an important part of Trusted Trader, setting out entry requirements, your responsibilities, and what you get out of it.

There are also sections setting out how Derbyshire trading standards deal with complaints about members and handle refusal, suspension and revocation of membership.

You have to sign up to the code as part of the application, and must make sure that your business practice meets its standards.

Checks on your business

Without breaching your rights under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Enterprise Act 2002, checks will be made on your history using local and national databases. Full details of the checks we carry out are available in 'What checks do we carry out on Trusted Trader applications?' which is attached to this page.

Some of these checks are mentioned in the application form and section eight of the code of practice.

It may be necessary for us to contact you by phone, or arrange a visit as part of your application.

Apply to be a Trusted Trader

You can download and complete an application form and post it to:

Trusted Trader
Derbyshire County Council
County Hall

The first page of the application form is a checklist which sets out all the additional information you need to send with your completed form.

We’re not able to process your application until all this information is received so please check you've included it all.

To request a starter pack:

  • email: (please include your personal and business names, postal address and telephone contact details)
  • tel: 01629 536148 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday


We don’t make a profit from Trusted Trader so our fees are low - less than £2 a week. Our fees are lower than most similar schemes set up in different parts of the country.

What you pay varies according to the size of your business. The application fee, which includes your first year's membership, is:

  • £70 (including VAT) for sole traders and social enterprises
  • £100 (including VAT) for all other businesses

In the event of your application being unsuccessful, this fee is not refundable.

The fee you pay contributes to the costs incurred in checking your application, so the money is spent regardless of whether or not you are subsequently granted membership.

After your first year as a member of the scheme you will need to pay an annual renewal fee which is:

  • £70 (including VAT) for sole traders and social enterprises
  • £100 (including VAT) for all other businesses

For larger businesses running more than one outlet, there will be an application and renewal fee for each outlet.