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We're responsible for licensing firework storage and checking firework safety to help protect the public when they buy fireworks locally.


Each year during the busy bonfire night period, our trading standards team checks that county retailers are storing fireworks safely and provides them with help and guidance on the laws covering firework sales.

Unfortunately, the short supply period leading up to bonfire night can attract unauthorised firework dealers into the marketplace.

These temporary traders - often with tempting prices - will not have been checked by our officers, giving a greater possibility of fire and explosion risk to members of the public on premises or in nearby buildings.

Unchecked dealers can also mean unchecked fireworks. So there is an increased risk of buying illegal or unsafe fireworks from these sources.

Where to buy fireworks in Derbyshire

To help protect you we've put together a list of firework sellers we have checked and authorised. The list is attached to this page. This list is subject to revision when new licences are issued.

Report unauthorised sellers

Fireworks should not be sold from vehicles, market stalls or car boot sales so any activity of this nature is of immediate concern.

You can help to ensure your safety by reporting any suspicious firework dealing to our officers on the free Citizens Advice customer helpline tel: 0808 223 1133.

Be safe

Remember! Remember! Fireworks can be a source of fun and enjoyment but to keep safe it is essential to follow the Fireworks Safety Code.

Check out the information in the code for advice on how to avoid injury and enjoy the celebrations.