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Weight restrictions on roads and bridges

Many of the county's roads and several of its bridges have a weight restriction placed on them for either environmental or structural reasons. Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) with a maximum gross weight above the restriction limit are prohibited from travelling along those roads.

Please complete our weight restriction monitoring form if you wish to report details of any vehicles you believe are illegally using restricted roads. You'll need to provide details such as date and time of incident, registration number and location. If you have a photograph of the vehicle, it can be attached to the form.

Weight restriction monitoring form

We'll collate the information and share it with Derbyshire police to inform and prioritise police-led enforcement action. Unlike the police, we have very limited powers to deal with vehicles that breach weight restrictions and will not be able to respond to individual reports. However, the information is important to help identify problem areas.

Or you can report incidents directly to the police, tel: 101 and pass on the details.

If you have comments about the roads or road signs, you can make these to our highways traffic management team by contacting Call Derbyshire, email or tel: 01629 533190.