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Animal feed legislation and registration

We are responsible for ensuring animal feeds are safe and compliant throughout the feed chain.


We enforce a wide range of animal feed legislation which stipulate detailed requirements for the manufacture and marketing of safe animal feed.

This legislation not only covers farmed animals, but also pet animals and feed destined for use for wild animals.

In all instances, such feed should be safe and compliant.


To make sure that such standards are met, we:

  • undertake risk-based inspections at all premises involved in the animal feed chain, from farms growing crops for feed, manufacturers, transporters, retailers, and end users such as livestock farms
  • maintain a register of all businesses involved in the feed chain
  • provide advice and assistance to help business to comply with the law
  • investigate instances of unsafe, or non-compliant feed
  • undertake sampling activities throughout the feed chain

Feed hygiene registration

You are required by law to register with us if you are involved in any area of the animal feed chain. There are some exceptions to this, such as retail pet shops.

Businesses required to register

If your business carries out any of the following then it is likely that the legislation applies to you, and you should be registered:

  • manufacturing compound feeds
  • manufacturing feed materials, feed additives and pre-mixtures
  • importing animal feeds, or pet foods
  • storing animal feeds, or pet foods
  • distributing animal feeds, or pet foods
  • transporting animal feeds, grain, and pet foods
  • supplying surplus foods, or co-products of the food industry for use as feeds
  • manufacturing pet food, or treats
  • an arable farm, growing, using, or selling crops for feed use
  • carrying out on-farm mixing of feed
  • operating a livestock farm
  • carrying out other controlled activities, such as producing animal feed for wild creatures (including wild game) which is intended for human consumption

Read the government guidance on starting an animal feed business.

Apply for registration

Apply for feed hygiene registration

Alternatively, you can email to request a paper copy and once completed, return return it to:

Trading Standards
County Hall

After submitting your completed application form you will receive confirmation of your unique registration number by post. This must be retained in your farm records for future reference.

The leaflets attached to this page explain the importance of feed hygiene enforcement and give details of feed hygiene case studies from around the country.