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Animal feed legislation and registration

We are responsible for making sure that feeds and fertilisers are of an acceptable quality and are correctly labelled.


We enforce a wide range of legislation for feeding stuffs which lays down detailed labelling requirements and standards of composition.

A lot of the information that is required is similar to food labels with 'best before' dates, ingredients and nutritional labelling.

The legislation covers all farm and pet animals, from cattle, sheep and pigs to dogs, cats and rabbits. There are also rules for wild animal feed.

The feed should contain no dangerous or unwholesome materials, such as heavy metals, foreign matter or certain animal by-products.


To make sure that such standards are met, we:

  • carry out inspections at all points in the supply chain
  • make visits to manufacturers of feed, including farmers who mix feed for their own holdings
  • hold a register of all manufacturers and wholesalers of feeding stuffs in Derbyshire
  • provide advice and assistance to help business to comply with the law
  • investigate complaints of wrongly labelled or unwholesome feed

Where there are serious problems we may consider taking legal action.


We also make sure that fertilisers are correctly labelled and contain no illegal animal by-products. Officers routinely sample products such as agricultural lime at the many quarries within Derbyshire.

Feed hygiene registration

The Feed (Hygiene and Enforcement) (England) Regulations 2005 require feed and some food businesses to register with Trading Standards.

Do I need to register?

If your business carries out any of the following then it is likely that the legislation applies to you and you should be registered:

  • manufacturing animal feeds
  • marketing animal feeds
  • importing animal feeds
  • storing animal feeds
  • transporting animal feeds and grain
  • selling co-products of the food industry as feeds
  • carrying out on-farm mixing
  • feeding food-producing animals
  • growing crops to be used as animal feeds
  • carrying out other controlled activities

Apply for registration

To apply for registration you can download an application form attached to this page, fill it in and return it to:

Trading Standards
County Hall

After submitting your completed application form you will receive confirmation of your unique registration number by post. This must be retained in your farm records for future reference.

The leaflets attached to this page explain the importance of feed hygiene enforcement and give details of feed hygiene case studies from around the country.