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Procurement values and principles

The 2021-26 Procurement Strategy has been structured around the CIPS best practice procurement model. Part of the strategy is to set out county procurement's values and guiding principles.

All our procurement activity will be underpinned by a set of core values and principles linked to the overarching Council Plan.

Our values

For the way we work we will:

  • be open minded, honest, and accountable ensuring the decisions that we make are fair and transparent
  • ensure we achieve value for money working from compliant procurement activities as part of an Enterprising Council
  • collaborate with partners and join up on procurement where possible to maximise existing resources to address complex challenges and shape future services
  • be aspirational about our vision for the future, for our organisation, local people and communities

Our outcomes

Our outcomes from our procurement activities contribute to:

  • resilient, thriving, and green communities which share responsibility for improving their areas and supporting each other
  • happy, safe, and healthy people, with solid networks of support, who feel in control of their personal circumstances and aspirations
  • a strong, diverse and clean economy which makes the most of Derbyshire's rich assets and provides meaningful opportunities for local people to achieve their full potential
  • great places to live, work and visit with high performing schools, diverse cultural opportunities, transport connections that keep things moving and a healthy and sustainable environment for all
  • high quality public services that work together alongside communities to deliver services that meet people's needs

Our principles

All our procurement activity will be underpinned by the following principles:

  • transparency and fairness - we ensure fairness and transparency in all procurements including the use of sufficient and appropriate advertising of tenders, transparency in taking decisions not to tender and the declaration and separation of conflicts of interests
  • proportionality - we ensure that procurement processes are proportionate to the value, complexity and risk of the services contracted and that they critically do not exclude potential providers through overly bureaucratic or burdensome procedures
  • non-discrimination - we ensure there is consistency of application of procurement rules, transparency on timescale and criteria for shortlist and award
  • equity and equality - we ensure that all providers and sectors have equal opportunity to compete where appropriate, that financial and due diligence checks apply equally and are proportionate
  • value for money - we ensure that price shall not be the sole or over-riding factor in the decision-making process. The most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) approach should be used in tender appraisal. Providers will be required to demonstrate that their services offer the best possible value for money. This assessment must be based on several criteria for evaluation including price, quality, sustainability, innovation, and technical merit
  • compliance with UK procurement and competition law - we ensure that purchasing procedures and decisions comply with UK regulations and case law
  • risk management - we ensure that a departmental risk register is maintained pertaining specifically to procurement and the supply chain
  • record keeping - we ensure we keep records in accordance with good commercial practice, the council's financial regulations and standing orders and with reference to the Freedom of Information Act
  • effective programme and project management - we ensure each tendering exercise and subsequent contract is managed as a separate entity, using the processes which comply with the UK procurement and competition law