Landscape character

The Landscape Character of Derbyshire

This section provides information on the landscape character of Derbyshire.

In 1996 the Countryside Commission (now Natural England) published the Character Map of England which identifies broad tracts of countryside that display similar characteristics.

The work identifies areas like the White Peak and Dark Peak and describes the landscape features that define its character and local distinctiveness.

We have developed this work further, in partnership with the district and borough councils. These broad National Character Areas are sub-divided into landscape character types, such as riverside meadows and open moors, to describe the diversity of the landscape within the county (excluding the Peak District National Park).

Written descriptions for the landscape character types of Derbyshire, supported by photographs and tables, have now been published in The Landscape Character of Derbyshire (fourth edition, March 2014) which is attached to this page.

What it is for

The work is intended to inform planning policy at the regional, county and local level, development control and countryside management.

Interactive mapping

Detailed mapping of Derbyshire's landscape character types can be found by visiting our mapping portal (opens in a new window)


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