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Oral health

Looking after your oral health is important and it’s not just about keeping your teeth looking nice.

Oral health can have an impact on a wide range of different issues including nutrition, school attendance, sleep patterns and general health and wellbeing too.

Search for an NHS dentist close to you on the NHS website.

You can also find out more about how to care for your teeth, mouth and gums, at every stage of life on the following websites:


Caring for your teeth, gums and oral health in pregnancy.

Babies and toddlers

Information on how to look after your baby's teeth (NHS).

Derbyshire Family Health Service also has advice and help for looking after your baby's oral health.


NHS teething information.

3 to 12 year olds

The NHS has advice on taking care of your children's teeth.

Get advice and support around sweets, snacks and other foods that can cause problems with children's teeth.

Derbyshire Family Health Service also has advice and help about looking after your children's teeth.


Advice from the NHS about the food you eat, and your general lifestyle, and how it can impact on your oral health.

Guidance on the best way to keep your mouth healthy, including how long to clean your teeth for, how often and what type of brush to use.

Find out how often to visit your dentist and why it is so important.


Smoking can damage your teeth. So stopping smoking will really benefit your oral health.

We offer free stop smoking support at Live Life Better Derbyshire. Call us on tel: 0800 085 2299.

The NHS has lots of tips to help you quit smoking.

Older adults

Support for oral health as you get older.

People with learning disabilities and special needs

If you work with, or care for, someone with a learning disability then they may need some help with putting in place, and maintaining, a good oral health regime.

More about dental care for people with special needs.