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Public health annual reports

Each year the Director of Public Health produces a report into the health of Derbyshire.

Stronger for longer

This year’s Director of Public Health Report is called ‘Stronger for Longer’ and talks about the important issue of ageing well. 

The annual report is attached to this page but you can also check out the quick guides attached and plan your next step. 

Each guide includes more information and easy ways that you can start making a positive change today.

You can find out:

  • why staying stronger for longer is so important
  • how healthy habits can help keep us strong
  • ways to manage your mental health and wellbeing
  • how being around others can improve your health
  • why where we live affects our health
  • some tips on how to get the best out of appointments with professionals

What will your next step be? 

Change is more likely if you plan a small next step for yourself, rather than trying to change everything at once.

Here are some ideas:

  • Make yourself a cup of tea, and complete our free online health and wellbeing MOT for some personalised advice 
  • If you’d like free specialist support to make lifestyle changes you could visit the Live Life Better Derbyshire website and find out more about the services on offer, and how to get started
  • You could go on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram now and share a link to this page with friends and family. You could all decide to make some changes together.

Let’s all help Derbyshire stay stronger for longer.

Before you leave, you may like to see what has happened since last year’s annual report so we’ve also attached an update to 2018’s ‘two sides of a coin’ work.

You can also view reports from the last few years.