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Photography and filming at Elvaston

There are many historic buildings and landscape features at Elvaston Castle Country Park, which lend themselves to photography and filming whether you are an expert or an amateur. As a result, the site attracts students, amateurs and professionals alike.

Photographs and filming

We welcome individuals taking photographs or filming on the park for personal use.

If you are, for example, a student hoping to use images of the site within your portfolio, a wedding or other group, or if you wish to take photographs for professional or commercial use, please contact the rangers' office to discuss arrangements and any date you have in mind. This will ensure that you're booked into the site diary and that your planned date doesn't conflict with any other events. A small fee may be charged.

Contact the park office for more information, email: or tel: 01629 533870.


The use of drones isn't permitted at Elvaston Castle Country Park.

If operated irresponsibly, drones can pose a physical danger to members of the public enjoying the park as well as a potential invasion of privacy.

There are clear boundaries and rules available for pilots to operate their drones. The rules governing hobbyist and commercial pilots are similar although there are some important differences for a commercial operator.

Hobbyists must follow the regulations set out in the Air Navigation Order (CAP393) and it is recommended that they also hold a hobbyist specific insurance, which is inexpensive to obtain.

Commercial operators require the express consent of the landowner. They must be a CAA licensed pilot or company and hold a valid Permissions for Commercial Operations certificate, including relevant insurance and risk assessments.