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Springthorpe Cottage at Elvaston Castle

This Grade II listed lodge situated by what would have been the main gate to the outer courtyard (now known as the lower or cobbled courtyard) at Elvaston, is one of several that were once located around the estate. But is only one of 2 that were built in the ‘Moorish’ style.

Elvaston - Springthorpe Cottage

Constructed around 1850 it appears to consist of only 2 rooms, one up and one down with a scullery attached at rear.

It was generally referred to as the 'Day Lodge' with the last occupant being a Mr Edwin Springthorpe, who carried out the duties of handyman and caretaker for the earl and by whose name the building is now known.

Conveniently located by the gated entrance to the stables and courtyard his job also comprised of receiving and assessing any day-to-day workers and trade visitors to the estate.

It is understood that Mr and Mrs Springthorpe were the proud parents of a largish family, but what they did with them all at meal times and particularly bed time, in a cottage that small, remains an intriguing mystery.