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Rock work at Elvaston Castle

The Victorian concept of vistas and viewpoints incorporated within and extending from the formal garden, was fully indulged and incorporated at Elvaston.


From a glimpse of distant hills to a view of a specimen tree nearer to hand the Victorian visitor was kept both interested and intrigued by the skill of the landscape gardener.

Nowhere was this more noticeable than with the various rock works and set pieces around the area of the lake.

Use of local minerals

By the clever adaptation and utilisation of local minerals such as tufa, gritstone and gypsum, grottos, arches and even whole islands were created, which were in turn embellished with statues and objects. The whole concept was given a natural feel by clever use of light and shade, with natural lichens and mosses soon stepping in to soften the edges.

Much of the original stonework has now unfortunately been eroded or re-located over the years but enough still exists for the visitor to get an impression of how these features were designed to impress and would have provided objects of interest and diversion for the Victorian gentry on their daily strolls through the grounds.