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Rights of way maintenance programme

We put up signposts throughout the county to show the direction of a public right of way where it leaves a road and we also regularly cut vegetation on a public right of way where it is required.


The signposting scheduled maintenance document attached to this page provides information relating to those signs we are planning to erect. There's also a link to a map showing where the sign is to be erected. We aim to update this list as regularly as possible. If a path is not on this list it will be due to one of these circumstances:

  • we've erected a sign
  • we're not aware a sign is required
  • we've concluded that a sign is not required at that location - we'll advise you why this is the case if you've reported the missing sign

This information is now available to view on our Derbyshire Mapping Portal.

Vegetation clearance

The vegetation clearance document attached to this page provides information relating to the sections of public rights of way where we're planning to cut vegetation.

We aim for cuts to be carried out at least once a year in July. Where we have deemed it necessary, some routes are cut again at the end of August.


You can assist us by reporting a missing signpost or difficulty in using a public right of way. Thank you for your help and, above all, enjoy the fantastic network of paths throughout Derbyshire.