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Derby and Derbyshire Local Access Forum

Derby and Derbyshire Local Access Forum provides advice on matters relating to outdoor recreation, rights of way and access to the countryside.

We set it up as a joint forum with Derby City Council following consultation with 304 organisations with related interests.

It covers all of Derbyshire to the south and east of the Peak District National Park. The national park and the area of the county in the north west around Buxton and Glossop is covered by the Peak District Local Access Forum.

Livestock and public rights of way

The Local Access Forum is working in conjunction with us to remind local residents and visitors to the countryside to take extra care when using public rights of way in fields where there are farm animals or when crossing open access land.

We want people to enjoy the countryside at all times but to remain vigilant and be aware of their surroundings.

Animals can become very territorial especially at the time of year when they are rearing their young, and it's important to give them space and not spook or scare them.

Don't put yourself at risk. If necessary, find another way around any livestock and re-join the path as soon as possible.

A guidance note called Livestock and Public Rights of Way has been produced by the Local Access Forum and is attached to this page. It also includes advice for farmers.

Call for new members

Vacancies currently exist on the Derby and Derbyshire Local Access Forum and we would like to hear from you if you have an interest in the great outdoors.

We would particularly welcome applications from those representing land managers, forestry, farming, walking interests, local communities, nature conservation, tourism, ethnic or wider equality issues and would also like to recruit more young people to the forum.

Information on recruitment is attached to this page.

The role of the forum

The forum has an advisory role in strategic access and recreation issues.

It acts as statutory advisor to local authorities and other bodies on the improvement of public access to land in the area for the purpose of the enjoyment of open-air recreation.

In recruiting members of the forum, we wanted to provide a reasonable balance between representatives of:

  • users of local rights of way or the public in relation to rights over access land
  • landowners or occupiers
  • any other relevant interests, for example tourism, sport, nature conservation and disabled access

Meetings take place 4 times a year and are hosted alternately by Derby City Council and us. The meetings are open to interested members of the public.

The work of the forum

The forum is consulted on:

  • the production and delivery of rights of way improvement plans for both ourselves and Derby City Council
  • issues relating to open country, registered common land and other registered access land
  • any bylaws to be made by us affecting access land
  • directions restricting or excluding long-term access from access land
  • matters relating to the management of the public rights of way networks in the city and county
  • other relevant issues relating to access and outdoor recreation

The forum is playing an active role in advising local authorities on the delivery of rights of way improvement plans, receiving regular progress reports.

Find out about local access forum meetings.


The current membership, including who they are representing and appointment dates, are:

  • Chris Allen User Group - cycling, walking and conservation, December 2021 to 2024
  • Councillor Ron Ashton, Derbyshire County Council, appointing authority, nominated by Derbyshire County Council in May each year
  • Claire Brooks, user group - equestrian, interests and multi-user routes, December 2021 to 2024
  • Councillor Lucy Care, Derby City Council, appointing authority, nominated by Derby City Council in May each year
  • Mike Carr, user group - outdoor pursuits (walking, mountaineering and water recreation), September 2023 to 2026
  • Gustav Clark, other - walking, natural history, rural transport and diversity, September 2023 to 2026
  • Geoffrey Cole, user group - walking and cycling, September 2023 to 2026
  • The Hon Richard Curzon, landowners / occupiers estate / community, September 2023 to 2026
  • Ian Else, landowners / occupiers, September 2023 to 2026
  • John Morrissey, other - walking, local history, health and public transport interests, March 2022 to 2025
  • Brian Nicholls, user group - recreational motor vehicles, land management, education, March 2024 to 2027
  • Ian Scott, safe family cycling, health and active travel, December 2021 to 2024
  • Paul Sturges, other - volunteering work on paths, with equality and diversity and the South Derbyshire area of the county as other interests, June 2023 to 2026
  • Fiona Swain, other - disability and access for all interests, December 2021 to 2024

There are 8 vacancies:

  • 1 vacancy student representative
  • 3 vacancies landowners / occupiers - land management / forestry / farming
  • 4 vacancies local communities / business /nature conservation / tourism / outdoor education interests