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Find out more about fracking

There's been a lot of coverage in the media about the potential for the hydraulic fracturing (sometimes known as 'fracking') of shale gas to contribute to the UK's longer term energy requirements and what this would mean for the communities that might be affected.

Shale gas exploitation is a relatively new and still evolving subject in the UK (although well established in some other countries, such as the USA). But is relevant to parts of Derbyshire now covered by Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences issued by government. And companies are starting to investigate the potential for carrying out this process commercially in Derbyshire.

The available information on potential shale gas reserves in Derbyshire remains quite limited. Work carried out by the British Geological Survey (BGS) and the government suggests that some parts of Derbyshire - around Chesterfield in the north-east, Long Eaton in the south-east and Glossop in the north-west - might have potential for commercial extraction. However, further detailed exploratory work would need to be carried out before any production could begin.

You can view the Shale Gas Study on the website.

Before a company can explore for shale gas, a Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence is required from the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA). Licences only grant exclusive exploration rights to specific companies. Planning permission is still required for any development along with any necessary permits from other agencies.

View a map of the current licence locations in Derbyshire. Details of who owns the licence are available from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

You can read the latest information from government about exploration, hydraulic fracturing and the approach to the development of shale gas in the UK.

As we are the local planning authority for any relevant planning applications we're providing the latest information we have about it here. We will update it as the situation progresses.