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Children in employment

A child of school age who works part-time must be registered with us and hold a work permit.

It's the responsibility of the employer to apply for this work permit and provide us with a list of tasks that the child will do, together with a risk assessment in relation to these tasks.

Part-time work that children of school age can do

A child under 13 years old cannot work.

A child of 13 years and older is only allowed to do light work. This work must not be harmful to their safety, health and development and must not interfere with their school day.

Restrictions on what part-time work a child of 13 years and older can do

No child of school age can work in a:

  • cinema, theatre or disco, dance hall or night club
  • commercial kitchen
  • slaughter house, butchery or prepare meat for sale
  • fairground, amusement arcade or premises with game and gambling machines
  • collect or sort refuse
  • work more than 3 metres off the ground or with harmful chemicals
  • work where there is access to adult material unsuitable for children
  • be responsible for the personal needs of residents in care or nursing homes
  • sell or deliver alcohol (except in sealed containers)
  • deliver milk or fuel oils
  • collect money, sell or canvas door to door or by telephone

Working hours for a child of 13 years and older

Term-time rules

No child can work during school hours or work more than 12 hours in any one week during term time.

This includes:

  • a maximum of 2 hours on school days and Sundays
  • a maximum of 5 hours on Saturdays for 13 to 14-year-olds
  • a maximum of 8 hours for 15 to 16-year-olds

School holiday rules

This includes:

  • a maximum of 5 hours on weekdays and Saturdays
  • a maximum of 2 hours on Sundays

During school holidays 15 to 16-year-olds can work a maximum of 35 hours a week. This includes:

  • a maximum of 8 hours on weekdays and Saturdays
  • a maximum of 2 hours on Sundays

General rules

  • a child cannot work before 7am or after 7pm on any day
  • a child cannot work for more than 4 hours without taking a break of at least 1 hour
  • a child must have 2 consecutive work-free weeks each year to be taken during the school holidays

Work permits for a child of 13 years and older

The employer must notify us within a week of a child starting work by completing an application form. The employer must have the parent’s consent and their agreement that their child is fit to do part-time work.

Removal of work permit

A work permit can be taken away if:

  • the work a child is doing is illegal
  • we believe that the child's health, wellbeing or education is suffering

For further information please email or tel: 01629 538139.