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Our ambitions, values and outcomes

Derbyshire’s economy is worth £16.5 billion and prior to COVID-19 had grown significantly over recent years.

About Derbyshire

  • Derbyshire has a rich, diverse heritage with spectacular landscapes such as the Peak District National Park and other unique attractions
  • Derbyshire is a largely rural county with many sparsely populated areas alongside larger built-up urban conurbations
  • The county has a total population of 807,183 people
  • Derbyshire's population is expected to increase by 13% by 2043
  • Population growth varies across the county ranging from just 5.2% in Derbyshire Dales to 30.1% in South Derbyshire
  • Derbyshire has an increasingly ageing population with the 85+ population set to double by 2043
  • 4.2% (33,700) of people living in the county are from Black and Minority Ethnic groups
  • Derbyshire’s economy is worth £16.5 billion and prior to COVID-19 had grown significantly over recent years
  • Around 9.5 million people live within easy reach of Derbyshire in the surrounding cities of Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Manchester and Leicester
  • 28 market towns play a significant role in the local economy. Chesterfield is the area’s largest town, with a population of 89,466


We will work together with our partners and communities to be an enterprising council, delivering value for money and enabling local people and places to thrive.


For the way we work, we will:

  • listen to, engage and involve local people ensuring we are responsive and take account of the things that matter most to them
  • be open minded, honest and accountable ensuring the decisions that we make are fair and transparent
  • spend money wisely making the best use of the resources that we have
  • work with partners and local communities because we know that we cannot tackle complex problems on our own
  • be aspirational about our vision for the future, for our organisation, local people and communities


We want Derbyshire to have:

  • resilient, thriving and green communities which share responsibility for improving their areas, and supporting each other
  • happy, safe and healthy people, with solid networks of support, who feel in control of their personal circumstances and aspirations
  • a strong, diverse and clean economy which makes the most of Derbyshire's rich assets and provides meaningful opportunities for local people to achieve their full potential
  • great places to live, work and visit with high performing schools, diverse cultural opportunities, transport connections that keep things moving, and a healthy and sustainable environment for all
  • high quality public services that work together alongside communities to deliver services that meet people's needs

A strong focus on our outcomes will be important in determining our response and recovery from COVID-19 over the life of this plan.

Our strategic approach

Our strategic approach governs how we work, as a council, with and for communities, and in collaboration with partners. Three key areas of activity are taking the approach forward: 'Enterprising Council', 'Thriving Communities' and 'Vision Derbyshire'.

Together these key areas place us in a stronger position to understand, to adapt and respond to future challenges and to bring about the changes needed to ensure future success.

Vision Derbyshire

Collaborating with partners in new and powerful ways, maximising existing resources to collectively address complex challenges and shape future services to deliver better outcomes for local people and places.

Enterprising council

Transforming the organisation, working as one council, ensuring we are prepared for the future and able to respond to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Thriving communities

Supporting greater collaboration with and across our communities to bring about change, ensuring people and places thrive.

Our services

Some facts about us and our services (figures correct at 22 March 2022):

  • we have a total of 64 elected members representing the residents of Derbyshire
  • we support 419 schools to offer the best education
  • we supported 12,659 people get home from hospital and 14,818 older and disabled people to live independently
  • we run 45 branch libraries, and 2 mobile libraries, which welcome over 1.75 million visits each year
  • we provide safe, stable homes for almost 900 children in our care
  • we maintain 3,386 miles of roads and 2,796 miles of pavements and footways each year
  • we look after 1,182 bridges, 1,000 footbridges, 3,093 rights of way, and 89,805 streetlights
  • we dealt with more than 25,000 concerns about child safety or wellbeing
  • we run 9 household waste recycling centres and dispose of more than 389,000 tonnes of waste each year
  • we dealt with more than 46,000 requests for social care assessments, advice, and information

Our achievements

Here are some of our achievements:

  • we raised £1 million from the disposal of land and buildings
  • we carried out reviews of human resources and finance functions, saving us over £100,000
  • we developed our People Strategy to support employee wellbeing and harness potential
  • we developed a new Equality and Diversity Strategy setting out actions to reduce discrimination and tackle inequalities
  • we lead the county-wide COVID-19 recovery strategy helping communities and businesses, including boosting tourism
  • we created a £15 million recovery fund to support those impacted by the pandemic
  • we invested £8.6 million on schemes to upgrade 32 schools plus £8.5 million for major refurbishments at 3 schools
  • we provided 60,000 holiday activity places and food to vulnerable children 
  • we provided training to providers to support the emotional and mental health of children following the pandemic 
  • we made 33,700 calls and undertook 115,814 lateral flow tests as part of local COVID-19 contact tracing and testing work
  • we helped residents to claim over £27 million in benefits and write off £1.26 million of personal debt
  • we supported 12,000 residents through the Derbyshire Discretionary Fund
  • we assisted 5,854 individuals to complete a health and wellbeing MOT to help tackle health risks
  • we invested over £200,000 in local suicide prevention programmes
  • we launched a Climate Change Strategy and a £2 million Green Entrepreneurs fund
  • we continued to support new businesses, providing specialist advice and a £1 million support fund
  • we attracted around 90,000 virtual visits to Buxton Museum and Art Gallery
  • we gritted 1,550 miles of roads and fixed over 95,685 potholes
  • we helped 2,850 older and disabled people to access our reablement service
  • we supported over 350 people with a learning disability and, or who are autistic to have an outcome focused support plan