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Service pressures

As part of our budget setting process, each year we review the service pressures identified within each department.

Table showing Adult Care service pressures approved by us for 2018 to 2019
Adult Care service pressuresOn-going £mOne-off £m

Increases in demographic growth, number of disabled adults and cases of early onset of dementia
12.614 0.000

Table showing children's service pressures approved by us for 2018 to 2019
Children's service pressuresOn-going £mOne-off £m
New organisation models for small schools

To work collaboratively with small schools to implement new ways of working as a result of changes to the national funding formula
0.000 0.380

To support the increase in the numbers of looked after children, placements and children in need

7.000 4.000
Social work remodelling

To support a planned programme of service delivery for safeguarding services that improves social work caseload levels across the county

1.300 4.000
Care leavers

To provide staffing to support better transition planning for care leavers

0.000 0.402
Child protection staff

To support the increase in numbers of children with a child protection plan

0.000 0.150
Unaccompanied asylum seeking children

To support the potential rise in the Derbyshire looked after population as a result of the UASC transfer protocol

1.000 0.000

Table showing Commissioning, Communities and Policy service pressures approved by us for 2018 to 2019
Commissioning, Communities and Policy service pressuresOn-going £mOne-off £m
Corporate property asset valuations

To ensure that we're meeting our statutory duties in ensuring our asset base is correctly recorded and maintained

12.614 0.000
Email and internet services

To support the roll-out of essential ICT services that will provide a platform to facilitate further work streams of mobile working and collaboration

0.250 0.000
Trading standards - older people support

To provide a sustained awareness raising programme over the next three years in reducing the number of instances of fraudulent activity against older people

0.000 0.082
Budget savings shortfall

To support the shortfall against the savings target, as agreed by Council on 8 February 2017

0.000 0.421

Table showing Economy, Transport and Environment service pressures approved by us for 2018 to 2019
Economy, Transport and Environment service pressuresOn-going £mOne-off £m

To support a range of waste related activities including waste growth, increased tonnages and management costs associated with the new waste treatment facility at Sinfin

2.476 0.634
Highways maintenance

To provide a coordinated, cyclical maintenance programme and maintenance improvements

1.500 1.000
Public transport

To enable reasonable levels of public transport accessibility to be maintained across Derbyshire

2.600 0.000
Street lighting

To meet the inflationary increases of street-lighting energy

0.000 0.148
Planning development management and obligation monitoring systems

Systems investment to support planning applications

0.000 0.110
HS2 co-ordination officer

To provide support in representing our interest as the HS2 route is developed

0.000 0.064

Table showing total amount of service pressures approved by us for 2018 to 2019
 On-going £mOne-off £m
Total 29.020 11.457